Violet Skies

Violet, your normal 15 year old girl. Although, she's in love. Not with any ordinary boy, the most wanted boy in the school, maybe the world even. What she doesn't know, is that one day, something will happen, unexpected and heartbreaking.


1. Perfect


Never before in my life had I met a boy as flawless and stunning as he is. Everything about him is to perfection and everything he does is precise. I love this boy so much, more than anyone will ever realise. One day, I would like to make this boy my husband, to spend the rest of my life with him. That's the typical thought that goes through one's mind with their first, second, even third love. Although he is my first love, he will also be my last. He is my one and only and I love him to the moon and back. My dreams have only just began. He is my dream, and now he is reality, my life, my everything. He is my reason to breathe, to have my heart beat. I don't go a second without thinking about him. A minute without an image of him flowing through my brain. His looks on the other hand, take beauty to whole new level. 


His eyes like puddles of water, so clear I could see into his soul. The deep blue reminded me of a daytime sky. His dark hair was as creamy as a chocolate bar, rich to full intent. Nothing more do I expect of him. Nothing more does he expect of me. I couldn't and won't ask for anyone other than him. Nothing other than his love, for him to show me how much he cares. If only I had the chance to sit with him, for the rest of eternity and explain to him, how much I adore him, love him, care for him, and how I will always protect him.


Love as strong as this will never break. Well, I understand clearly how my love for him is eternal and will never fade. It can only ever become stronger than it already is. If my love ever did fade, which it won't, I don't know what I would do. Would I sit in my bedroom, staring out the window I once dreamed of seeing the perfect guy walk past? Would I dig into the depths of my deepest thoughts and try to find a solution to my fading love for him? Why am i even talking about this? None of it will ever happen, and I don't expect it to. 


This boy, so perfect in every way imaginable, is called Logan.


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