Violet Skies

Violet, your normal 15 year old girl. Although, she's in love. Not with any ordinary boy, the most wanted boy in the school, maybe the world even. What she doesn't know, is that one day, something will happen, unexpected and heartbreaking.


4. Holiday


Logan was soon going on holiday to meet his cousins abroad. He was travelling to a small town in Australia called Central Tilba for three weeks. I am already missing him and he hasn't even left yet. In two days he will be boarding the plane with his family. Flying high above us all hidden within the depths of fluffy cotton clouds. 

I woke up only to hear the sound of Logan's car rolling up the stone driveway. I couldn't bear to stay in this place any longer, I mean, living with my mum is great but I want to have the independance of my own home. To wake up and hear Logan cooking breakfast or watching sports. Not arriving at my mum's house, to see his fiance. 

"Violet!" Mum shouted up the stairs

"I know, I'm coming, one minute" I replied. I pulled a jumper over my head. I hadn't any time to get ready properly. I put on some plain black leggings with my caramel coloured ugg boots, tied my hair up in a messy bun without bothering to check how I looked in a mirror.

"Stop fussing babe, you always look amazing" Logan whispered into my ear as I brushed past him to get my bag. I swung the leather satchel over one shoulder, leaving it to fall on the one side. We passed his car, walking off into the fields, making our way down to the beach. It was desolate and hidden away. It hadn't many visitors and the few it did have were welcomed into its golden sand, soft and luscious, warm and content. It felt like walking through heaven when you slipped your feet into it. The waves however, carefully rolled onto shore, leaving faint marks of their arrival. 

We sat down in the middle, staring out into the distance. Nobody knows what's there, which is why its undiscovered. Left here for you to decide what happens, letting your imagination run wild, uncovering what may lay beneath the sea surface.

Logan looked toward me, "Violet, as you know I'm going on holiday tomorrow. I will miss you so much, more than you will know. I won't be able to handle three weeks away from you, which is why i'm asking you to join me. I'll pay for everything you want. I have known about the holiday for a while now and saved up enough funds for you and myself. Please travel with me, we can go home now and pack your bag, get in the car and go to the airport, board the plane and finally, relax in the sun"

"You don't need to beg me Logan!" I laughed, "Of course i'm going to come with you!" He hugged me tight then we made our way back to my mum's house. My life, is pretty amazing at the moment. Nothing else could make this any better.

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