Violet Skies

Violet, your normal 15 year old girl. Although, she's in love. Not with any ordinary boy, the most wanted boy in the school, maybe the world even. What she doesn't know, is that one day, something will happen, unexpected and heartbreaking.


3. Dinner For Two


Friday morning. 

I woke early before sunrise and made a hot chocolate. I pulled on my slippers and draped a crimson red dressing gown over my shoulders. I stepped outside into the sharp breeze of the morning air passing the balcony. I shut my eyes, breathed in, exhaled, then took a sip of my drink.The steam slowly rising out of the mug, the tops of the hot chocolate rippling with each movement. I looked out across the bay, the early risers switching on their bedside lamps. The street lights, slowly fading their light and the sparkling blue sea, glistening with the peaking rays of the sun. Slowly and gradually the sun rised in the east, growing over the sea, becoming taller, higher, brighter, until it reached a point where the air started to warm. I stepped back inside, leaving the door open a few inches to let the fresh air fill the room. For the last time this morning, I stared out of the glass doors then made my way to get dressed. On my way I got a text message. It read: Morning babe, hope your okay, I'll be around your house later to see you, I love you. Logan<3. I smiled, threw my phone onto my bed, and rushed to get ready.


A knocking on the oak door filled the house. I ran down the spiral wooden staircase and through the hallway. I leaped up to the peephole to see who it was. Logan. I opened the door and hugged him tight. We walked back into the house shutting the door behind us. I never felt more safe then when I was in the company of Logan. He made me feel protected and away from all harm. We walked into the kitchen and sat at the wooden table. Logan started to make pancakes with strawberries and cream. I made two cups of tea, then simultaneously we sat down at the table. Logan with pancakes at hand, me with tea. We passed each other our breakfast then started to eat.

"Your amazing at cooking pancakes!" I Laughed whilst cream fell onto the floor. Logan laughed then carried on eating. We washed our dishes then sat in the lounge. Logan looked into my eyes and grinned.

"What?" I said confused.

"Your eyes, they're beautiful" Logan replied. I leant forward and stole a kiss from his tender lips. He stood up, and held my hand tightly. 

"Go and get ready babe, i'm taking you out somewhere tonight and you need to wear something classy" He said with a wink.

I rushed up stairs and squeezed into my black dress.It glistened under the dimmed lights almost making it sparkle like the stars in the sky. It flowed like a river in an hourglass shape and the one strap gave it an elegant look. When I twirled it would wrap itself around me for a second then it would formally slide back in place. I fell in love with this dress from the minute I bought it. Now was my chance to wear it.

I walked down the stairs, looking straight into Logan's eyes. He had already drove home, got into a tuxedo, and arrived back here in the time I had gotten ready. I glanced over at the clock. Three hours! It had taken me longer than I thought to get ready.

"You look beautiful" Logan said, welcoming me into his arms. We walked into the breeze of dusk and got into his car. He drove into town. To a restaurant. He climbed out of the car, rushed over to my door, and held it open for me.

We were warmly welcomed into the restaurant and ushered over to our table. Logan ordered us a meal and paid full price. Towards the end we were the only ones left in the room. Surrounded by candles, glowing in the darkened room. Logan knelt down on one knee. He pulled a small red box out from inside his blazer. Slowly he opened it, looking into my eyes. The ring was beautiful  The diamond shone like a star, reflecting my image.

"Violet, I know we have only been together for a short amount of time. But I would like to ask you something. Will you marry me?"

He waited for an answer. Thoughts running through my head. I'm only seventeen. Two years had passed pretty quickly. I was in love with him. Nothing without a doubt about that. I smiled, a tear rolling down my cheek.

"Yes. Yes Logan, I will marry you" He wiped my tear away and sighed a sigh of relief. He kissed me, then told me he loved me, whilst placing the ring onto my finger. I admired it, then mirrored his words.

We drove up the drive. Approaching my house. I was alone tonight, mum was out with her new boyfriend. Logan offered to stay the night and I wasn't going to refuse. We stayed up until the early hours of the morning watching movies and cuddled up on the sofa. I fell asleep and Logan carried me up to bed. He kissed my forehead.

"Goodnight beautiful" he wrapped his arms around my waist and fell asleep beside me.








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