Case Closed

This is the Sequel to Unfolding Journey. Johanna has now made it big but hasnt heard from the boys in over a year she has changed a lot. But after a not so weird incounter does she recognize them or is it to late for them to when her back.. I advise you to read Unfolding Journey first as some parts may get confusing. but that is totally up to you!!!


3. Meet Zac

I walked rather fast as soon as I got off the stage I couldnt believe Liam kissed me. I was in such shock I was waiting to get them all alone. I could tell they were following me, due to the access rapid foot steps. I led them into a room that was used before a presenter or act was about to go onstage. It had two couches a mini fridge and a coffee table in it. Suprisingly I wasnt all that upset he kissed me but I was a little stunned and humiliated. How could he kiss me off guard like that it must have been a sight. They all trailed in rather slowly, Liam being the last one in. I got ready to give him a piece of my mind. "LIAM WHY IN THE HELL....", He gave me a sheepish frown and I sighed stopping. I couldnt stay mad at him. He smiled at me knowing I wasnt going to finish. He took a step closer to me and opened his mouth to speak "Johanna I..", But before he could continue Zac stormed in. He was fuming "Kissed my fiance!", he yelled punching Liam straight in the face. Liam took a step back, then it quickly change to anger as he lunged for Zac punching him back in the face. We finally came to our senses. I jumped infront of Zac, using all my weight to restrain him, which wasnt much. Louis and Harry jumped infront of Liam holding him back. Liam seemed to calm faster then Zac, who was still fuming but no longer fighting back. He finally calmed and I turned to Liam apologising to him, Zac got mad again grabbing my shoulder forcefully snatching me to face him "What are you apologising for, he is the one that kissed you!", he shrieked. I huffed getting frustrated "Soo it didnt mean anything, it gave you no right to punch him". Liam snorted, and I shot him a glare silencing him. "Like hell!", Zac roared. I removed his hand turning to leave but Harry said something that got my attention. "You`re engaged?", he sounded hurt. I turned furrowing my brow and swallowed the lump in my throat "Yes", I nodded. "And we are getting married in 2 months", Zac bragged walking out of the room with a strut. I looked up at their faces, they showed concern, shock, anger, and confusion. "Two months?", Liam choked out. "I`m sorry", was all I could say before walking out and not looking back.

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