Case Closed

This is the Sequel to Unfolding Journey. Johanna has now made it big but hasnt heard from the boys in over a year she has changed a lot. But after a not so weird incounter does she recognize them or is it to late for them to when her back.. I advise you to read Unfolding Journey first as some parts may get confusing. but that is totally up to you!!!


2. KCA`s

"Hello, Ms. Hahn are you ready for you fitting?", "Right, I am". Here I was in Hollywood California living my dream. The movie that I did wind up being more sucsseful than I thought it would ever be, which opened many more doors landing me the role of Johanna Mason in Catching Fire. And tomorrow is the Kids Choice Awards I am so excited its my first one. Right now I am at my dress fitting. Its a pretty dress but not really my taste it looks a little old fashioned but still pretty. My stylist Juni thinks it will look good on my skin tone accent my eyes and pull out my hair. I would actaully prefer a purple dress. But when I mentioned it to Juni she got wide eyed and told me to' slow down there tiger, we want to be the opposite side of your chaaracter, not pop out katy perry". Thank goodness thats over. I stay on the west side of Hollywood so I wasswarmed with paps every where. Which I had to run threw to get to my front door, as they yelled questions at me. I`d say my house was pretty nice. It wasnt my ideal home but when you live with someone you have to compromise. I mean dont get me wrong It really was pretty just not for me but it was insisted that this house suited my lifestyle. Its just walking in everything was so bright and eco friendly, not to mention just about everything was made of glass. I felt like everyone was looking at me. the only upside was I was right on the beach like literally.  "Babe?, Im home", I threw the keys on the counter and walked into the kitchen getting some grapes. "Babe?", man it is really quiet, "zac", I called walking around the corner. "BOO!!", I clutched my heart from fear. "Jesus, Zac you scared me", "Hahaha sorry babe", he said kissing my forhead and stealing some grapes. "Babe why are you naked?", "sun bathing darling", "What! there are always paps everywhere, what if they saw you.". He chuckled "babe calm cown they already have quite a few nudes of me", well that was true I sure just about ever woman saw what Zac Efron looked like naked. "lets go for a swim". I nodded and raced upstairs to change.

Harry`s P.O.V

"Come on Lou", Eleanor gigled and tugged on his arm getting his attention. I had to admit they were cute together. They had been dating for almost a year now and they were really in love, i introduced them at a club a while ago. We were walking around the different shops, enjoying the little bit of time we had off. Tomorrow was the KCA`S and then we had two days off and another two weeks of tour before we had a well needed five months off. There was a loud comotion, paps were everwhere, which made me and Louis nervous then we realized they werent even paying attention to us. They were throwing question at some girl the poor thing. She looked annoyed, man was she fit. "Johanna, johanna, hows zac?, where are you coming from?, are you guys engaged?, are you excited for tommorow?, is it true your having an affair?, how do you feel about Zacs cheating scandal?", she was starting to get frustrated from all the questions. Wait, Johanna, I knew a johanna once. "FUCK OFF!", she raged trying to push through. She scurried out of her car and ran through her gates and into a house. I Looked and Louis wide-eyed and he mirrored my expression. No way it couldnt be, not after all this time, and how could I have not heard about this, I mean I spent months trying to track her down, and here she was right under my nose, I thought it was a hopeless cause trying to find her thats why I dated taylor but she is here. "Harry? was that?", I shook my head almost speechless "Yea, Lou, I believe it was.". We had started walking again, but this time in the direction of our hotel. "What was she doing here Louis, I thought she had fell off the face of the earth but she was here.","I know wait til Liam here`s about this". "Whats going on? havent you ever seen her before, thats 'Johanna Hahn', Louis she was in that movie we saw last month catching fire". I looked at Louis dumbfounded. He scrunched his face, "I wasnt paying that much attention, which one was she El?". El huffed and looked exasperated "Johanna Mason, duh the one with the black her, who was killing everyone, she had the semi-nude scene and you said she had a nice bum Lou!", I laughed she had got a bit frustrated and a tad jealous at that. Louis blushed and chuckled "Oh yah, Harry mate she looked so different in that movie I couldnt even tell it was her". El huffed and then walked into the Elevators shutting the doors, making us wait for the next one. Me and Louis Laughed "She will get over it", "Hey Lou, could we maybe not tell Liam this, I really want her back", he frowned at me walking in the room before me. "Harry he deserves to know he Loved her too", "I know but I`m still in love with her, and I really messed up I dont need any more competition right now.", he sighed "Alright mate". I smiled nows my chance.

Johanna`s P.O.V.

Well today is the day. I`m so excited but really nervous. My stylist came over at 12 prepping me saying she doesnt know if she will have enought time since I have to be on the carpet by 5. I thought that was more than enough time considering since Zac`s stylist wasnt coming over til 3:30.  She started of with waxing, literally everypart of my body, my Arms, legs, thighs, back stomach, under arms, hands, face, and brows. Heck some of these places I didnt even know I had hair on. Well that took a whole hour. Then she had to rub honey and milk on every place she waxed, so I could sit in the sun for twenty minutes. Apparently this would leve notrace of discoloration, and give me a natural glow, while heeling my skin. Juni was completely against spray tanning unless it was airbrushed which took hours. And I refused cause that would have meant she would have gotten here at 8 in the morning. After that I had to take a 15 minute shower to get all the honey and milk off of me. Then i had to be lathered down in some special lotion. This all took two hours. Then I had some one come and whiten my teeth after I ate lunch. Then a stylist did my toes and nails making them a peachy color, with white tips. Now it was 3;30 and Zac`s stylist was just getting here. I actually preffered his stylist to my own. Her name was Karen, but we called her Kar for short, she was 24, had tattoos all up the back of her neck that were stars, and a nose and tongue ring. She looked like a girl you would see at some mosh pit but she had style, and could dress. She was very laid back and not too serious, we had hung out a couple of times before. Juni looked at her with muched distaste, the were polar opposites. Juni had soft red hair almost orange but it was natural soft blue eyes, porcelian, pale skin and know freckles. No tats and No piercings, she was a little bit of a goody two shoes, but she was still really nice to me and I enjoyed her company but not her styling, we were friends though. But I had to stick with her for now management chose her, so I would have a "LOOK".  After that was time for make up while Juni told a girl how she wanted my hair to look. My make-up was done faster, going for the natural sun-kissed look and very thin line of simple black eye liner. I had to admit my skin looked flawless. My hair on the other hand was taking longer than expected which sent Juni over the edge. She was fussing at all of the stylist her slight portugese accent coming threw as she turned red, she was fuming, saying how was she expected to get ready too if my hair still wasnt done. Zac xame aroung the corner fully dressed in a black tux and a pastel blue tie to match my dress, his hair was styled in a quiff, and his skin was marvelous looking like he had a perfect tan as if in the sun all day. Kar only had two other stylist with her while i had 5. "Babe, you look gorgeous", he said walking over to me. He leaned in to kiss my lips, but Juni swatted him away "You are going to mess her beautiful make up and perfect lips", he grunted at that, he wasnt so fond of Juni. "Finished", the girl doing my hair said. I stood up looking in the mirror. It looked effortless it start of as a fish tail in the front and around the back cascading into pretty curls, you would think it only took minutes. "Perfect", Juni said clapping her hands "Now lets get you into that dress". "About time", Zac said getting a glare from Juni and A chuckle from me and Kar. She was already ready, in a gold short dress that looked egyptian, she had her blonde locks up into a sloppy bun. She was stunning I would rather wear that than what I have on. But of course I had to keep this innocent good girl act on for now. Once I had my dress on we rushed to the car I had to sit awkwardly stiff so there wouldnt be any wrinkles in my dress.

We finally got there it was 5:10 and we were being rushed. I took some pictures alone some with Zac a couple with Juni, then there was interviews. Now it was 5:45, and we were rushed down to be seated. It was starting to get quiet and settled i had to remember to relax because Rihanna was to my left while Lucy Hale was on my right. Zac came and sat beside taking my hand in his "Annaliz relax you look like your about to passout", "Im nervous and excited, Rihanna is literally two feet away from me" "Hi, you must be Johanna". Yikes might have said that to loud she heard me. "Yes, I am and you`re Rihanna", Zac chuckled. I cant believe I said that really gosh how could I get starstruck. We continued to carry a conversation until the show started.

Liam`s P.O.V

We were here at the KCA`S again were all really excited we are up for an award and we are performing. After taking some pictures on the carpet it was time for us to be seated we were a little early so we had about 40 minutes until it started. I was sitting between Harry and Louis with Zayn and Niall on the opposite sides of them. Perrie and Eleanor were sitting behind us. We just sat there talking about idle gossip of who we thought was going to win what, and who we were excited to perform. "only 15 minutes left!" said Eleanor excited, she loved these awards. As the lights were getting dim a girl walked in she was very fit, she was wearing a blue floral print dress that stopped above her knees and her hair was braided she was gorgeous. My I couldnt take my eyes off of her there was just something about her. Lou hit me on the arm "Liam! Earth to Liam, did you hear us?", "Oh what yea", I said not taking my attention away from the beautiful angel. "Oi, what are you staring at?", Zayn asked. I pointed not bother to look at him. "Woah she`s fit" Zayn said, getting a nudge from Perrie, "Look at that bum", Louis said. That made Eleanor upset. "Louis Really, again!!". He looked sheepish "What El?", "Oh dont you what me, again you say something about her butt again!". I chuckled still looking at my angel she was standing in the aisle waiting for some one there were two women beside her, the stylist maybe. "Ugh!! are you blind!! its her again!!", "Who El?", He said looking back over at the angel then back to El "Johanna!!! duh I love her!!!", That caught my attention espicially Harry`s. We all looked back at the girl she was making her way down to her seat she was only two rows ahead of me. Turn around turn around. She did she looked behind her then spotted someone and started to smile. It was her. After all this time it was her. My heart started to beat fast and my palms started to sweat. "Oh its Johanna Hahn", Perrie said. We all looked. "you know her?", Zayn asked. "Yea, I met her yesterday". Before we could say anything else the lights went out and we were told to be quiet the awards were starting. I continued to watch my angel. A guy sat down beside her taking her hand wait was that. "Zack efron!", Perrie squealed he turned and grinned at her, then whispered something in Johanna`s ear causing her to laugh. Oh her laugh I missed her laugh. I hadnt realized i was staring so long until as she was walking on stage, Harry hit me "aye you stare any longer she is going to have holes in her back.". I blinked my eyes were dry. She was accepting her award for best upcoming female actress. She said her speach and then walked off. up next was our category, but she came out again wearing a different dress the award and envolope. She spoke up "and the award for best music video is....ONE DIRECTION LIVE WHILE WERE YOUNG!!!". Her eyes shot back down at the envolope suprised. We all jumped up hugged each other and ran to the stage. She handed Niall the award giving him a hug the a kiss on the cheak with a congradulations. She did that to all off us. Then she came up to me "Congradulations Liam", she hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheak, but as she let go I dont know what came over me. I grabbed hers shoulders and kissed her. She didnt kiss back, she was stunned shocked. She pulled away and blinked. She was still shocked. I turned around I was shocked myself. All the boys were wide eyed, but Harry looked angry. We said our thank you`s and followed her off the stage.


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