Case Closed

This is the Sequel to Unfolding Journey. Johanna has now made it big but hasnt heard from the boys in over a year she has changed a lot. But after a not so weird incounter does she recognize them or is it to late for them to when her back.. I advise you to read Unfolding Journey first as some parts may get confusing. but that is totally up to you!!!


5. It was bound to happen some time right

The whole car ride I got glares from Juni. I didnt think much of it. I was just dreading this conversation, because I already knew how it would end. With me apologizing even though I did nothing wrong, Zac would get his way then I would harbour more anger to him, but the feel guilty, then start over. But this really was our biggest fight. I walked into our house feeling gittery. "Zac? Zac?", I called walking around. I saw him on the floor passed out with bottles surrouding him. I began to panick, running over to him hitting him on the chest "Zachary, get up". He got up and his eyes widened. He threw his arms around me pulling me into his stench. "Oh thankgoodness you came back", he said kissing me all over my face.  I let my hands stay at my sides. I felt nothing no emotion once so ever. "You scared me I thought you were really leaving me!", he pleaded. I frowned "I came to apologize but I saw you like that". "Oh baby im so glad Juni talked some sense into you, and im so sorry for drinking I know how you dont like it.". I frowned looking at him "No.. I dont". He took the ring out of his pants pocket grabbing my closed fist. I looked at the ring. I had never despised any little piece of jewlery more than that ring. It was a shame considering it was so beautiful and custom made. "Youre going to wear it arent you?", he asked slight anger showing. I opened up my hand smiling at him "of course", he smiled pushing it on and kissing my hand. "Come on, lets go get you cleaned up", I said taking his hand. I ran his water for his shower and helped him undress. He saw my frown as I looked at his chiseled body. Zach was fit, any girl could see that, and most girls wanted him. And to be honestly I would give him up in a heartbeat. I didnt love him, true I cared for him and at one time I did love him. I was crazy about him but he changed. We werent this perfect happy little couple like everyone thought. He was looking at me frowning taking my face in his hands and kissing me. It tasted of liquor and I felt nothing, I rarely did when he kissed me anymore, but I had to act like I did so he would be happy. He pulled away and I gave him a quick smile. He climbed in and I went down stairs to clean up his mess. My phone rang from an unknown number as I picked up the empty bottles. "Hello?", "Meet me at the beach from your house tonight, I want to see you", "Harry?", the voice chuckled. "Of course its me, meet me?". I looked up the staris to see if zac was coming down "Yes", I said hanging up hastily. I walked back into the bathroom as Zac was pulling on his boxers. I smiled "Better?", "Better", he said kissing me. "Now lets go watch movies, as I hold you in my arms", he said throwing me over his shoulders. I giggled as usual when he did this as he expected me to. He sat me down on the bed in our room "Grapes?", he asked. "Grapes", I said smiling. That was the only thing I was looking forward to. He went to get them as I pulled back the covers and shut the blinds making it  kinda dark in the room. The sun was setting so it made it look an orange color. He came back with a big bowl and a mixture of purple and green grapes in a glass bowl. "What movie?", "You pick", I said laying in the bed. He came back laying down with the bowl in the middle of the bed as he picked me up and layed my head on his shoulder. I hated this pretending everything was perfect when it was nowhere near it.

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