Case Closed

This is the Sequel to Unfolding Journey. Johanna has now made it big but hasnt heard from the boys in over a year she has changed a lot. But after a not so weird incounter does she recognize them or is it to late for them to when her back.. I advise you to read Unfolding Journey first as some parts may get confusing. but that is totally up to you!!!


1. Informational

ok so welcome to I finally found you I have decided to do something a little bit different. I am going to show how I invisioned the characters this is Johanna

i pictured India Eisley as Diantha, (who recently died her hair black)

I also invisioned Johanna like this I like this one better, but they are both pretty girls dress for the Kca`s

you can check all of their outfites out on polyvore

sorry the first couple of chappies may be a bore because its a lot of catching up

also follow my tumblr for more of their outfits teen:) luv

or my twitter Claire Straus @fuckKStraussaidi

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