Case Closed

This is the Sequel to Unfolding Journey. Johanna has now made it big but hasnt heard from the boys in over a year she has changed a lot. But after a not so weird incounter does she recognize them or is it to late for them to when her back.. I advise you to read Unfolding Journey first as some parts may get confusing. but that is totally up to you!!!


4. did you forget

I avoided the stares I was getting as I walked to my dressing room to get changed. The after party was about to start and even though I was in America and underaged I needed a drink badly. I was still angry with Zac so the car ride was completely heated. "Oh come on babe calm down!", "Dont you tell me to cal down, you dont just go off punching people", "Really, sorry I punched him, but he kissed you, and your mine", "Im not property Zac", "Oh really last time I checked you accepting my proposal, and putting the 1.2 million dollar ring on your finger made you mine!!". I couldnt believe he said that the car stopped as the driver reached the place. "Jackass", I muttured snatching off the ring and throwing it at him. I opened the door getting out of the car. "Wait babe im sorry, Johanna please", I heard him beg as I slammed the door in his face. I walked into the building not caring about the paps who were taking pictures. I knew I was overeacting, but I was fuming. I dont think I have ever gotten that mad at him most of the time when we argue I just apologized even when he is the one that is wrong. I think I was even more mad that he told them about our engagement.  "Ms. Hahn let me show you to your table", said a waitor, I followed him as he walked into the direction of our table. "You have got to be kidding me!", I said as we got closer. There was all of one direction and two girls I didnt know. "Anna", Niall said. I smiled and sat down. there was an empty seat on each side of me. Liam and Harry got up and sat in them. But as per usual Zac had the perfect timing and an anger that was rising.  "Really asshole did you not understand the first time when I told you to 'stay away from my fiance', or do I need to make it clearer", he said edging closer. Liam stood up openeing his mouth to speak. I jumped up cutting him off "Last time I checked I gave you your fucking property back", I snapped holding up my ringless hand, and showing it to him. He frowned "babe please put it back on im sorry". I scoffed and walked off. I went to the other side of the room near the dance floor. I stood there just watching people. I felt a hand on my shoulder. "I thought you might need this", Harry said handing me a glass of champagne. "Thanks", I smiled. I took a sip and looked back at him "Im sorry for all of this", I said frowning. He frowned too "Im sorry for not going after you that day in the airport none of this would have happened". I smiled "Its ok Harry, I think that was the best thing". He looked at me confused "Why, do you say that?". I touched his arm "cause its made me realise how much I really have missed you". He smiled then began to lean in. "Hey, Im Eleanor", I pulled my head away to see a girl standing in front of me. She was really pretty, and taller than me she had long brown hair. I smiled giving her a hug "Hi, Im Johanna, Nice to meet you, Eleanor". "El, bad timing", Harry grunted stepping closer placing his hand on my lower back. It gave me butterflies I missed his touch. It was killing me being so close to him. She chuckled "Oh, Harry, Louis wanted me to come find you". He grunted "Ugh, he did that on purpose". She chuckled and walked off. "She seems nice", I smiled at him. He frowned stepping closer to me "She is, and her and Louis are just alike". I looked at him confused, "They`ve been dating for almost a year", he said. I nodded "Oh". I wasnt really suprised, I was actually happy he found someone. Louis Deserved to be happy, She was a very lucky girl. "Anyway, where were we?" Harry said grinning. I laughed " you havent changed, but sorry the moment was ruined.". Juni walked over catching Harry`s eye but he tried to play it off. I looked at him and laughed, he just shrugged. "Tell me why Zac is on his way to your house crying his eyes?". I tried to open my mouth to speak but she noticed that I wasnt wearing the ring, and I was standing a bit to close to Harry. "NO, you are not leaving Zac for him", She spat pointing at Harrry. "Take it someone`s not a fan", he said scowling at her. Guess he didnt find her to attractive anymore. Juni ignored him and pushed my shoulders. "You go after hi, and make this right, you love him, and you guys are getting married for goodness sake". I followed her as she tugged me to the car. I was not going to enjoy this converstion.

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