Wolf Love

When Tabitha leaves England and moves to Canada her life is changed, she meets a lot of people and gets invited to lots of parties. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but Tabitha is drawn to the mysterious Charlie. Their relationship progresses and Charlie reveals a massive secret which makes her question who she is and if she is living a lie. What will she choose? The wolf way of life or will she continue drinking and trying to forget her past, it all comes down to the wolf.


2. Two

'Tabitha, Tabitha wake up.' Smith said shaking Tabitha awake. Tabitha rolled over and rubbed her eyes. She sat up and took the cup of tea from her father’s hand. 'Half an hour sweetie.' Tabitha blinked twice.  

'Half an hour and you expect me to make a good impression?' Smith smiled as he left her room.  

Tabitha slid out of bed and onto her feet. She walked over to the window, pulled back the beige curtains and leant on the window pane. It looked extremely cold outside. He was thankful for her fathers shopping trip the day before.  

Tabitha was starting school on a Thursday because her flight was Wednesday; all the other flights were delayed and cancelled for earlier on in the week due to snow in Canada and England.  

Tabitha grabbed her bag and shoved her pencil case and notebook in. She then looked through her new wardrobe for a nice outfit.  

Black jeans, a Disney T-Shirt that had Mickey Mouse on it, brown boots and a cream thick cardigan. She was sure she would be warm in that.  

Tabitha made her way downstairs and put her boots at the front door. She then walked into the kitchen and found a plate of toast. Her father had already left for work so she was alone. A note was left on the counter. It read...--have a good day, your lunch is in the fridge, love you Tabs.--  

Tabitha smiled and retrieved her lunch from the fridge. There was a knock at the door, she ran over and opened it. 'Morning Charlie.'  

'Morning Tabitha, ready? I've left the truck on for heat.' He said turning to the truck and then turning back.  

'Let me just get my toast and put my shoes on.' She ran into the kitchen, picked up her toast, grabbed her back from the floor and ran back to the door. She slipped on her shoes and slung her back over her shoulder. Tabitha locked up and followed him to the truck.


They pulled up at the school and Tabitha looked at the school, she thought it was tiny and then realised that her dad lived in the smallest town known to man. 'You need to go to the reception; I'll meet you here later if I don't see you anywhere else.' He smiled shyly and waved goodbye slightly.  

Tabitha walked to the reception and stood in front of the receptionist’s desk. She looked around the room as the receptionist looked up at the now daydreaming Tabitha. 'May I help you darling?' Tabitha looked down and gave a slight smile.  

'I'm Tabitha Parkman, a new student.'  

'Ah let me see, I will find your schedule and lock and key.' Tabitha nodded as the receptionist began to move things around on her desk in an attempt to find the sheet of paper she was after. Tabitha could see the lock and key and she was getting so impatient that she was just going to take it. The receptionist handed her a sheet of paper and the lock and key. 'This is your schedule; on the back is a map so you won't get lost. Oh and you can't change the combination once it's set so I'd write it down.' She smiled and Tabitha walked off in the direction of her locker.


Locker 249. The last locker in this hall, Tabitha wondered if this was the last locker in the school. She wouldn't be surprised either. A girl came up beside her. She held her hand out, 'Lily.' Tabitha shook it.  


'Nice name. I guess we are locker buddies now.' The girl was around the same height as Tabitha, she had blonde hair with lavender streaks. She looked very pretty in Tabitha's point of view.  

'I guess so, you’re the second person I've met now and so far to two have been really friendly.'  

'That's good then, but there are some douche bags like Richard who is behind you.' Tabitha spun around and saw a strapping lad. He had luscious light brown hair and an amazing smile that showed off his bright white teeth.  

He pushed a piece of hair from his face and continued to smile at Tabitha.  

'Richard.' He took her hand and kissed it Lily was right, this was a massive pretty boy. Tabitha smiled kindly and took her hand back secretly wiping it on her jean leg.  

'Tabitha. Nice to meet you Richard. Who are the two behind you?' Richards smile dimmed a little, she doubted anyone had wanted to know who his posse was before.  

'Benjamin and Wayne.' The smiled a little and did a little wave at her. She smiled back.  

'Nice to meet you two as well.' Richard sighed.  

'Anyway newbie, I'm having a party tomorrow. Do you want to come? Starts at seven, oh and don't tell your dad considering he's a cop.' Tabitha nodded knowingly.  

'I'll be there.' Her dad was working on Friday night anyway so it would be easy to go out. Richard walked off and Tabitha turned back around to see Lily smirking at her.  

'What a douche. Anyway I need to get to lesson so I'll see you later locker buddy.'  

'See ya!'


Tabitha made her way to her first lesson; luckily it was a library lesson so she could sink into her werewolf romance book. When she walked in everyone stopped and stared at her, their chattering stopped. Tabitha hurried herself and found an empty seat on one of the tables where people were sat.  

The teacher walked in. 'Books out, read.' Tabitha got her book out and sank into it. The girl in the book met a werewolf and didn't know it. He fell in love with her and then showed her what he was. She stayed with him and they did things in the bedroom. He wanted to change her and they confronted his parents but his evil sibling came and took alpha from him and on top of that he said no changing humans. It was forbidden. Tabitha had cried when she read the break-up scene.


At lunch Tabitha made her way into the cafeteria and looked around for a seat, Lily was sat with her friend and on another table was Richard, Charlie and about four other lads. She chose Lily. She walked over and slung her bag onto the floor. 'Do you mind if I sit here locker buddy?'  

'No I don't mind, Tabitha this is Hannah. Hannah this is Tabitha.'  

'Nice to meet you Hannah.' Tabitha said kindly. Lily turned to Tabitha.  

'Question Time.' Lily said.  

'What?' Tabitha answered, she was confused.  

'Where are you from?' Hannah asked smiling.  

'England.' Tabitha answered.  

'What do you think of the school?'  

'It's cosy.'  

'Is your dad a cop?'  


'Why did you move here?' Lily asked smiling from the touch and go answers. Tabitha gulped. The memory of her mother flashed back into her head, she'd only just forgotten. She looked down to her food.  

'My mother died.' Lily's smile turned into a frown. Hannah placed her hand on Tabitha's back.  

'I'm so sorry Tabitha.' Lily said putting her hand over her mouth.  

'It's fine, I need to learn to cope with it anyway.' Tabitha said biting into her sandwich to try and hold back the tears that were welling up inside. She looked up to see Charlie looking at her across the hall. He looked away quickly. 'If you'd excuse me please.' Tabitha got up from her seat and picked up the rest of her lunch and her bag. She threw her lunch in the bin.  

Tabitha ran to the girls toilets and locked herself in a cubicle. She began to cry, it wasn't like she knew anybody in the toilets anyway. Tabitha could cry to the heavens and no one would care.


When the bell rang for the end of school Tabitha finally emerged from the bathroom, she had spent all of last lesson crying to herself and she didn't feel any better.  

She made her way out of the school and into the car park. He saw Charlie and walked towards him, not looking at the road.  

Tabitha walked forward and a car stopped about an inch away from her, her legs trembled and she fell. The person in the car beeped. She pulled herself up and gave the driver the middle finger.  

Charlie was laughing when she reached him. 'Shut up, you wouldn't like it would you?' Tabitha said hitting him playfully. He might not have taken it as playful because her expression was different.  

'Are you okay?' Charlie said placing his hand on her shoulder. Tabitha got the tingle feeling again and Charlie removed his hand ad headed for the truck. 'Are you getting in?'

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