Wolf Love

When Tabitha leaves England and moves to Canada her life is changed, she meets a lot of people and gets invited to lots of parties. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but Tabitha is drawn to the mysterious Charlie. Their relationship progresses and Charlie reveals a massive secret which makes her question who she is and if she is living a lie. What will she choose? The wolf way of life or will she continue drinking and trying to forget her past, it all comes down to the wolf.


3. Three

The sun woke Tabitha up; it blinded her as she rolled over to turn her alarm clock off. 'Friday, finally.' She said out loud. She sat up and felt her greasy hair; she was in desperate need of a shower. Tabitha didn't fall asleep until around three in the morning, she was too busy thinking about the feeling she gets when she comes into contact with Charlie.

She got up and found her towel in one of the piles of clothes on the floor. Though she had only been in the room for a day it was wreck. Her dad would see it and probably flip another thing to add to the list before she left the house for the party.


After the shower Tabitha quickly got dressed and sorted her books out. She ran downstairs and made herself some breakfast, putting the TV on at the same time and watching the boring news.

The knock on the door startled her but she knew who it was anyway. 'Come in.' she shouted from the kitchen. Charlie walked in and sat down at the counter. He looked up at Tabitha who was rushing around the kitchen, making toast and cleaning at the same time. 'Charlie could you sort the living room out quickly please?' Tabitha asked turning to look at him. She pouted and he sighed getting up and walking into the living room.

'Did you hear about Richard's party?' Charlie asked walking around the living room putting things in their places, pillows on the sofa and magazines on the coffee table; it was like he knew where everything went. 

'It was one of the first things I heard about and from the guy himself. You friends with Richard?' Tabitha walked into the living room and switched the TV off. 

'He wishes.' 

'Does he now?' 

'Lets just say that he is jealous of me.' 

'Now why would he be jealous of you, your good looks?' Tabitha kicked herself mentally. She began to blush. Charlie caught on and put a pillow on the sofa. 

'No I just have something he wants.' Tabitha nodded.

'I'm ready to go.' 


They climbed into the truck and belted up. Charlie put the keys in and the truck came to life, he pulled out of the drive and set off down the road. Tabitha looked around her. 'You don't have children back there do you?' Tabitha joked pointing to the screen that separated them from the back of the truck. Charlie had it tinted so she couldn't see through. Charlie laughed and looked at her. 

'No, I think I know if I did and so would many others because it's open.' Tabitha smiled at him. She opened the dashboard compartment and looked in it. 'You alright there nosy?' He said smiling back at her. 

'Yep I'm fine.' She rummaged around and found a wallet. 'You leave your wallet in the car Charlie Timothy Flynn?' He tried to take it off of her but she pulled it away. 

'Oi give that.' Charlie grinned. 

'Why should I? You sure do have a lot of cards for shops.' Tabitha said pulling out numerous cards.

'Just give it; it has my lunch pass in there.' Tabitha handed it over and closed the dashboard compartment. 


Charlie walked into the school with Tabitha. They walked down the hall together and people stared. Tabitha turned to Charlie and he turned to her. 'Why are they staring?' Tabitha whispered to him. 

'I'm just so good looking.' Charlie said laughing, Tabitha laughed along. They reached her locker and she opened it quickly. She shoved her bag in checked her lesson and took out her chemistry book. 

'Lets go, you do have chemistry don't you?' Tabitha asked looking up to him. Charlie nodded. Lily walked up and looked at Charlie. 

'Well if it isn't Charlie Flynn.' Lily said smiling at him. 

'How are you Lily?' He said hugging her. Lily hugged him back.

'I'm good; it has been a while hasn't it?'

'Too long, why did you leave again?'

'Because of Richard remember, I don't get involved with any of that stuff anymore, me and dad stay out of it after mum left. How is your dad?'

'He gave his position to me, so yep. I'm the man.' Tabitha just stared at them both.

'What are you guys talking about?' Tabitha said getting confused. They both turned to her; they had forgotten that she was there. Charlie gulped and tried to think of a lie.

'Family.' Lily butted in; she smiled at Charlie and closed her locker. 'I've got to go but I'll see you guys some other time?' Tabitha nodded.  


Richard approached Tabitha and tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and smiled at him. 'Hello Richard.'

'So are you coming for sure tonight?'

'I will be but I won't be able to make it until eight, I have to finish my revision and clean the house. Is that alright?' 

'That's fine as long as you will be there.' Tabitha smiled it was nice to feel wanted for once. She turned back to Charlie and smiled at him.

'What did Mr. Smarty-pants want?' 

'He wanted to know if I was going to his party.' 

'Bit clingy.' A boy walked in and entered the conversation. He had short wavy blond hair and what looked like blue eyes, though you could mistake them for grey. 

'Tabitha this is Lou, he's a close friend of mine.' Lou leaned in and hugged Tabitha.

'Lou you are the first person to hug me when introduced.' 

'I tend to be nicer than the rest of them.' Tabitha smirked at him. 

'Oh Tabitha meet us at lunch in the cafeteria?' Charlie said hopefully.

'Will you be sat with all them lads?'

'Of course. Don't you want to meet new people?' 

'Fine I will.' She smiled and took her seat. 


As soon as the bell rung Tabitha headed for the cafeteria making a stop at her locker first to put her bag in there. She quickly pushed it in and locked up.

Tabitha walked into the cafeteria and looked around. She flipped her hair and felt like a supermodel. She thought a fan would pop up and blows her hair back, she could make her pouting face and slowly look up to all of the boys staring at her. Tabitha could only dream. 

Tabitha looked over to see Charlie staring at her. She walked over and saw an empty space; she slid onto the seat and looked around. There were three boys she didn't know already. Richard was sat at the end; Tabitha was sat next to Charlie and Lou next to Charlie. Across from them three were three new faces. 

Tabitha wondered if Benjamin and Wayne got the privilege to sit at the lads' table. She guessed not when they didn't show up. Tabitha had forgotten her lunch today and she regretted it. 'Tabitha this is Finley.' He pointed to him then moved onto the next one. 'Harry and Aaron my twin brother.' Tabitha shook their hands. 

'So what do you do for fun around here?' Tabitha asked messing with her hair. 

'There is the beach and a few shops and restaurants. Not much else really.' Finley said looking at the others to see if they had anything else to say to that. No one did.

'So it's just a bit boring?' Tabitha asked.

'If you say so.' Lou said joining in. Tabitha looked around and Harry was staring at her, he looked angry. 

The lads began to separate off into pairs and talk to each. Tabitha was getting restless. She was leaning on her hand. She moved her arm and sat up brushing against Charlie, the feeling again. Charlie turned to her and pulled away. It didn't hurt, it was a good feeling. But every time it happened Charlie pulled away and shrugged it off. Tabitha kind of wanted answers. 

Tabitha and Charlie realised that they had been looking at each other for too long, Harry was catching on. Well Harry thought something was going on. He looked at Charlie and focused on him.  He sent him a mind message. 

Harry: Is something going on between you two?

Charlie turned to him and glared at him. 

Charlie: No Harry it's none of your business. Get out of my head.

Harry: Why should I pretty boy?

Charlie: 'Cause I said so.

Harry turned back to Finley and carried on talking to him. Tabitha had begun to suspect something. 


Charlie pulled into Tabitha's drive and got out with her. 'Do you have a ride to the party?' Tabitha put her head in her hands.

'Nope, forgot about that. Hey I don't even know where he lives...' She trailed off. Charlie laughed quietly. 

'You are an idiot aren't you? I can give you a lift if you want?' 

'Would you? Come at seven and I'll probably be ready for about then.' 

'Okay I'll see you later Tabs.' 

'Don't call me that.' Tabitha smiled. 

'That's what your dad calls you.' Charlie laughed at her. 

'Do you want to be my dad?' 

'No thanks. I'll see you later then Tabitha.' 


Tabitha exited the steamy bathroom and wrapped her hair in a towel for it to dry. She walked into her bedroom and dried herself off. She walked to her window and looked out. There right on the ground below her was a large hairy wolf. Tabitha jumped back. 'What the hell?' She said walking back to the window. It was still there looking up at her. It made Tabitha shiver.

Tabitha jumped into her comfy clothes and ran downstairs. She looked out of the kitchen window and the wolf was no longer there, but she heard it howl.

Were there more wolves? Tabitha's heart was beating fast. She ran to the front door and locked it quickly. She was not taking any chances with the big burly wolves.  

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