Wolf Love

When Tabitha leaves England and moves to Canada her life is changed, she meets a lot of people and gets invited to lots of parties. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but Tabitha is drawn to the mysterious Charlie. Their relationship progresses and Charlie reveals a massive secret which makes her question who she is and if she is living a lie. What will she choose? The wolf way of life or will she continue drinking and trying to forget her past, it all comes down to the wolf.


6. Six

Smith opened the door and found Richard stood there. 'Hello Richard, what can I do for you?' Smith said leaning against the door slightly. 

'I'm here to take Tabitha to the beach.' He looked innocently at Smith. Tabitha ran downstairs and slipped her boots on. She kissed Smith's cheek and smiled at Richard. 

'Bye dad, I'll be back sometime later.' Tabitha smiled and watched him close the door slowly. She followed Richard to his car and jumped in. 'Are we not going to walk down to the beach?' Tabitha asked. 

'Do you want to walk two miles?' Richard laughed. Tabitha shook her head and laughed with him. They drove down the main road and down part of a bypass. Richard pulled down to a curved road and then he pulled into a parking lot above the beach. 

Tabitha looked down, it looked windy and she thanked herself mentally for bringing her coat. She got it out and slipped it on. Richard got out of the car and walked around to her door. He opened it and Tabitha looked up at him. 'You didn't have to do that, I am pretty capable to get out of a car.' 

'Just be quiet will you, I'm being nice.' Tabitha smiled and thanked him kindly. They walked down to the beach and walked half-way across it before sitting down and looking out to sea. 

Tabitha stared at the waves, they were quite large and splashed her a little. She turned to Richard. 'Is it nice here in summer?' Richard leaned on his elbows. 

'It's really hot and people go surfing. The beach is packed in summer. To be honest I prefer it in winter, it's calmer. It may be cold but it's nice to look at the horizon and just relax listening to the waves. You can't do that in summer, too much splashing, too much chatting.' 

'Ah, it's nice right now...' Tabitha sighed. 'Richard I'm sorry for shouting at you Friday, I was really pissed.' Richard sat up.

'It's fine. I could tell you were annoyed, it was an accident me touching you up. You're a nice girl Tabitha.' Richard came a bit closer to Tabitha. Tabitha looked at him and leaned in slightly. Then they both just rushed for each others faces. They moved to each others bodies. Tabitha put her arms around his neck and he held her waist. She fell down into the sand, Richard on top of her and they rolled down the beach laughing and kissing. 


Charlie watched in horror. He was stood at the forest edge looking down on the beach. He'd followed them there and now he wished he hadn't. He'd told Tabitha that they should be friends just yesterday and now she was kissing Richard. Richard was the one who had wanted to steal Tabitha off of him from the start and now he had her, he would tell her their secret. He had to do something about it. 

He walked to Richard's house and knocked on the door, his mother answered. 'Hello Charlie what's the matter?' 

'Is Richard in?' Charlie knew he wasn't. 

'No he's gone out but he will be back soon, do you want to wait? I just made muffins.'

'If it's not trouble Mrs. Finnegan.' She shook her head and let him come in. 


Tabitha looked at her watch, 'Shit I've got to go Richard.' He got up from laying in the sand and pouted. 

'Really?' Tabitha nodded. 

'Can you give me a lift, if you don't mind a bit of sand in your car.' Richard stood up and shook his head. He helped Tabitha up and they walked together to the car. 


Richard pulled up to his drive, he'd dropped Tabitha off like she had asked and he was happy. He jumped out of the car and clicked it to lock with his car keys. Then he sensed him, inside the house. Richard wanted to turn around and get back in the car. But he couldn't because his mother had already opened the door. 

Richard walked into the house and he knew what he wanted to talk about. He knew that it would result in an argument or a fight. Charlie turned around and glared at him. 'Lovely muffins these, why don't you sit down Richard and have one?' Charlie sneered. He took a bite and smiled. Richard walked over and sat down across from him.

Richard took a bite of a muffin and put it down in front of him. 'They are lovely mother.' He gulped and tried to smile at his mother. Mrs. Finnegan then proceeded to leave. It was Richard against the alpha. 

Charlie stood up and walked over to Richard calmly. He grabbed the top of his T-shirt and bunched it up in his hand. He raised Richard off of his feet and put his face really close to Richard's. 'Tabitha is mine. You know that Richard.' 

'She accepted the date...' He whimpered.

'You asked her on the date. I have told you to leave her alone and you didn't. You will pay Richard.' Richard gulped. Charlie dragged him outside and closed the door. Luckily Richard's house was surrounded by forest. He dragged him into the forest and changed into the big wolf he was. Black and brown mixed together. His eyes filled with rage. 

Richard quickly changed too, his fur black and white. Salt and pepper. Charlie pounced at him and Richard bit him. Charlie went under his feet tripping him up. He fell into the snow and tried to get up but he couldn't. Charlie went for him and again and headbutted him. Richard whimpered and backed down. 

Charlie: Now you leave her alone. Piss off Richard or you are out.

Charlie turned around and ran off into the woods. Richard ran back to his house. Charlie had definitely got through to him. But that would pass and Richard would get his revenge. 

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