Wolf Love

When Tabitha leaves England and moves to Canada her life is changed, she meets a lot of people and gets invited to lots of parties. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but Tabitha is drawn to the mysterious Charlie. Their relationship progresses and Charlie reveals a massive secret which makes her question who she is and if she is living a lie. What will she choose? The wolf way of life or will she continue drinking and trying to forget her past, it all comes down to the wolf.


1. One

The car collided with the loaded gas tank; Katie went straight through the window screen. Several pieces of glass pierced her. Somehow she survived, barely.


Tabitha ran into the hospital and searched for her mother, and then she saw her. Tabitha's heart stopped. Her mother was disfigured and bloody. They had tried to clean the blood off but she just kept on bleeding. 'There is no way we can save her, she's loosing too much blood and she wouldn't remember anything about herself or her life.' A tear rolled down Tabitha's cheek.

She ran to her mother’s side and held her hand. She looked at her mother and wondered how long she had to live, as if her mother had heard her thought she flat lined. No one did anything because they knew there was no hope. Tabitha leaned in and kissed her mothers cheek.

A nurse walked to Tabitha and placed her hand on her back. 'I'm so sorry.'

Tabitha climbed off of the plane and found herself freezing, it was snowing. 'Welcome to the coldest part of Canada.' Tabitha said to herself as she pulled on her coat. Now was the task of finding her bag.

She walked with other passengers on the plane and followed where they went.

The carousel did two full turns and Tabitha finally grabbed her bag. Her ash brown hair nearly got caught in the carousel.

Once she had her bag she made her way out of the terminal and into the waiting room/exit. Her father, Smith, waved to her and called her over. Tabitha ran to him, dropped her bag and wrapped her arms around him. She had missed his hugs. 'I missed you Tabs.'

'And I still don't like that nickname; it sounds like I have tabby ears.' Tabitha smiled. Smith grabbed her bag and they walked to the car together.


The house was smaller than she remembered, it had two floors. On the bottom floor were the kitchen and dining room in one room and a living room with a fireplace, TV and a sofa. Just as you entered the house the staircase was to the left. On the top floor was Tabitha's small room, her father’s larger room and a small bathroom across the hall from Tabitha's room. That was the whole house, it was small but it had lots of land.

The house was surrounded by forest. At the moment it was lovely, the leafless trees had snow on them and they looked very beautiful.

Smith led her inside and took her bag to her room. 'A lick of paint and maybe you could pick some new furniture?' Tabitha plonked herself down on the bed and smiled at him.

'It has a desk and a bed, I couldn't ask for anything more really.'

'Okay then I'll leave you to get settled and we can go to the store and get you some warmer clothes.' Tabitha nodded and smiled as she left. She pulled her laptop out of her hand luggage and slipped it onto her lap. Tabitha logged onto the social networking world and scrolled down her page. She had a new message; she clicked on it and found it was from her friend in England.


Hey there stranger, landed yet? I already miss you, this is going to kill me not seeing you everyday. Maybe I could come over once you are settled?

Tabitha closed her laptop and got up to place it on her desk. She didn't want to speak to Dana; she didn't miss Dana because Dana had used Tabitha so she could get to Keenan. Tabitha had been Keenan's best friend and Dana made it so they could never see each other again. Dana had told her mother that Keenan had abused Tabitha. Dana had told her mother that when she was driving her car, Dana was the person who killed her mother. There was no way that Tabitha would ever talk to Dana again. Smith knocked on the door and peeked it open. 'Are you ready?' Tabitha nodded and stood up.


The store was colder than outside, well that is what it felt like to Tabitha. She began to shiver. Smith wrapped his arms around her and took her straight to the clothes store. 'I don't care how much money we need to spend, we are getting you some warm clothes so go find, long sleeved tops, jumpers, thick tights, leggings and any other wool products.' Tabitha laughed at him and grabbed a basket.


In total they spent three hundred dollars. Smith smiled at his now warm daughter. 'Hey Tabs can we nip into work before we head home, I just need to check on a few things.' Tabitha nodded; her father was the chief of the local police department. He had to work long hours and he liked to work extra hours to earn more money.

They pulled up to the station and Smith jumped out, he'd left the radio on for Tabitha. She watched as he entered the station she watched, he began to chat happily to the receptionist and then she pointed at something or someone. Smith turned around and signalled him outside. They walked out. It was a lad around Tabitha's age. He leant on the stone wall and Smith smiled at him. He began to talk and then he pointed at Tabitha. Smith signalled to Tabitha to come over.

Tabitha exited the car and walked over to them, the lad was quite good looking. He had dark brown hair and he looked a bit scruffy, scruffy in a cute way. She stood next to Smith and looked at him. 'This is Charlie. He is going to be taking you to school and bringing you home because I work those hours.' Tabitha blushed.

'Tabitha.' Charlie nodded. She held her hand out and he shook it, his hand lingered. When he touched her she felt a tingle go through her body. It was weird; she'd never had a feeling like that before. Charlie pulled his hand away quickly. She was sure he'd felt it too.

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