Wolf Love

When Tabitha leaves England and moves to Canada her life is changed, she meets a lot of people and gets invited to lots of parties. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but Tabitha is drawn to the mysterious Charlie. Their relationship progresses and Charlie reveals a massive secret which makes her question who she is and if she is living a lie. What will she choose? The wolf way of life or will she continue drinking and trying to forget her past, it all comes down to the wolf.


4. Four

Tabitha slipped into the dress that had been ironed and neatly laid out on her bed. The top part of the dress was in the shape of a T-shirt and had a black background, covered in large gold flowers. The black skirt came to just about Tabitha's knees and had a see through black fabric over it from the top of the skirt and it came to her ankles. For choice of accessories Tabitha chose and silver necklace which had her mother’s gold and diamond wedding ring on it, it was Tabitha's good luck charm. She had a black and gold clutch and for shoes she had black heeled boots.

She tottered downstairs and checked her make-up in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. She didn't have much on because she knew it gave her terrible spots. Tabitha began to write a note to her dad saying...Hi Dad; I have just gone 'round to Lily's. She is my friend. Won't be back till late. Love you, Tabs. Her dad wouldn't be back till midnight anyway and Tabitha was sure she'd be home by then and passed out.


Charlie knocked loudly on the door; he was wearing a blue polo shirt and black jeans. He was wearing sneakers and a jumper to keep him warm. He thought he looked very casual. But what he wanted to know was how beautiful Tabitha was looking.

Tabitha heard the knock on the door and grabbed her cream cardigan. She slipped it on, placed the note on the kitchen counter and grabbed her clutch. She ran to the door, being careful not to trip in her heels.

Tabitha opened the door and looked at Charlie, he looked hot. Tabitha smiled at him, she his height with her heels on. 'I'm nearly taller than you now.' Charlie pointed down to her shoes.

'Cheater.' Tabitha laughed and locked the door behind her.


They pulled up at Richard's and climbed out of the truck. Lily ran up followed by Hannah and she jumped onto Tabitha giving her a massive hug. 'Sorry Charlie we are going to take her now.' Lily said. Tabitha looked at her dress; it was teal and mildly frilly. It looked lovely on her. Hannah's dress was a pale pink and clung to her but she had the figure to pull it off anyway.

'It's fine.' Charlie said laughing at Lily.

'I will find you later; can you give me a ride home?' Tabitha said smiling at Charlie. She walked up to him after Lily let go of her.

'Yes, just find me and we can leave.'


Lily had pulled Tabitha inside. Hannah, Lily and Tabitha danced their way to the drinks table. The music was really loud and Lily had to shout over the music. 'Drink up.' She said handing them a shot. Then she handed them another. Tabitha laughed at her; luckily she'd left her clutch in the truck so she didn't have to worry about that.

Lily started telling really bad jokes and Tabitha suspected that she had drunk some before party cocktails. Harry came over and took Lily from them.

Tabitha turned to Hannah. 'You don't talk much do you?' Tabitha shouted over the music.

'I keep myself to myself really. Drink?' She walked back over to the table and handed Tabitha another shot and a can of beer.

'Classy.' Tabitha joked.


Charlie was worrying about Tabitha. What if she was snogging another guy? He'd go insane. She was his to keep. Lou walked up to him and put his mouth next to Charlie ear. 'Tabitha is with Hannah near the drinks table but I heard Richard is looking for her.' He said shouting. Charlie thanked him.

'Where is Lily?'

'Tabitha said she was dancing with Harry.'

'Okay, I'm gonna get closer to the table and try to find Richard.' Lou nodded and started looking at some girl.


Lily had always liked Harry; he stood out of the pack. Well when she was in it. She left when she found out Richard was mated to her mother. Her mother left town and Lily and her father had never seen her again. She really wanted to rejoin the pack but Richard stood in the way of that dream.

A slow song came and and Harry took Lily's waist. Lily held his shoulder and leaned her head on his shoulder; she wished it could last forever.


Tabitha stood watching the couples dancing to the romantic song. She drank her beer up and grabbed another drink, this time wine. She did wonder why they had wine at a teenage party. Then she realised that they would have got any type of alcohol that they could get their hands on.

Richard came up behind Tabitha and tapped her on the shoulder. 'May I have this dance?' Tabitha turned to Hannah.

'I'll be back after this song, can you hold my drink?'

'Okay, and will do. See you soon.' Hannah took the drink and watched Tabitha walk away with Richard.


'You are looking beautiful tonight Tabitha.' Richard said flirting with Tabitha. Tabitha smiled a little.

'This is a great party, better than the ones I went to in Brighton.'

'My parents say I can have a party every term, I think they do it because they don't want me to be an outcast.'

'That's interesting.'


Charlie had lost Richard, he saw him one minute talking to Finley and the next he was gone. Charlie marched over to Finley and tapped his back. He spun around. 'Where is Richard?'

'I don't know dude. He went that way.' Charlie walked off.


Tabitha was enjoying dancing with Richard until he tried to make a move on her. He tried to touch her up. His hand moved down to her back side. Tabitha pushed him away.

She walked out threw the crowd and he followed her. 'My hand slipped Tabitha.' Tabitha sun around and glared at him.

'Yeah right.' She started walking off again and this time he didn't follow her he knew he could talk sense into her.

Tabitha ran upstairs and into the newly empty bathroom. He slammed the door and locked it. She slid down the back of the door and put her head in her hands.

Someone knocked on the door and Tabitha didn't budge. The person knocked again. 'Go away.' Tabitha shouted.

'But I need a pee.' Tabitha opened the door and left.

Tabitha was really drunk, she wasn't thinking straight. She ran downstairs and into the crowded bottom floor. She searched for Charlie.


Charlie kept on searching, he'd bumped into Richard and he was no help. 'She just flipped.' He said lying to Charlie.

He kept on looking and then he saw her, she was running down the stairs and into the crowd. Maybe she was looking for him.


Tabitha looked around the room and she couldn't see him. Then she saw him and ran to him in the crowd.

He was about to talk but Tabitha pressed her lips against his and wrapped her arms around his neck. He didn't kiss back. But she got the tingly feeling again. It ran through her body.

Charlie pushed her away and the feeling faded. 'Tabitha...' Charlie said wiping his lips, he loved the kiss by he couldn't let her fall for him.

'Charlie. What's wrong?' She began to stumble, she fell into his arms.

'We better get you home, you're drunk Tabitha.' Tabitha stood up and pouted. She stomped her foot down.

'I'm not drunk and I don't want to go home Charlie. Please tell me you get that feeling every time we touch, you must.'

'I'm taking you home and that's final.' Charlie grabbed her hand and she got the feeling again, she pulled away and began to walk in the other direction. Charlie grabbed her shoulder and pulled her around. 'Please Tabitha it's for your own good.' He was begging now.

Richard saw the two arguing and walked over. 'What is going off over here?' He asked all high and mighty.

'You get away from me too.' Tabitha turned and slapped Richard. He lifted his hand and held his face. Tabitha realised what she had done and put her hand on his back. 'I'm so sorry Richard. Charlie take me home please.'

Charlie grabbed Tabitha and pulled her away from Richard and to the truck. He helped her into the truck and then he walked around and it in the truck himself.

Tabitha turned to Charlie. 'You get the feeling too Charlie. I can tell. Like when you pulled away when I shook your hand or when you put your hand on my back or even when I brushed up against you at lunch. It's not a bad feeling it's a good feeling. Tell me you feel it too.' Charlie said nothing but he gripped the steering wheel tighter and focused harder on the road.  


Charlie grabbed Tabitha clutch and jumped out of the truck. He walked around and helped her out of truck as well. He held her up so she wouldn't fall. She stopped and turned to the side to be sick. Charlie turned away not wanting to see her like that. He grabbed her keys out and unlocked the door.

Tabitha stumbled in and pulled her shoes off. 'Charlie I want some food.' She moaned to him as he closed the door.

'I think you need to sleep, you've just been sick.' Tabitha glared at him drunkenly. He held her up and helped her up the stairs.

Tabitha changed her clothes and climbed into bed, Smith wasn't back yet which was good. 'Charlie are you going to stay?'

'No Tabitha, I need to get home.'

'Charlie don't go, I'm scared. I saw a wolf outside earlier.' Charlie's eyes widened, a wolf had crossed the border. That was not allowed.

'I'll stay until you fall asleep.' Tabitha laid down and looked at Charlie sleepily. She smiled.

'You're really nice Charlie.'

'I aim to please.' He smiled at her and sat down on her bedroom floor.

'Why won't you tell me if you feel it?'

'I don't want to complicate things Tabitha.'

'But that is all I can think about, you and the feeling.'

'Please Tabitha, stop. Just forget it. Just go to sleep.' Tabitha rolled over and began to drift off.

Charlie stood up, kissed her forehead and left. He left her on her own. He just didn't want her to fall for him. The kiss was great, but also bad at the same time. The kiss meant that she liked him and that just put them in a whole load of mess. He didn't want to get into that mess.


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