Wolf Love

When Tabitha leaves England and moves to Canada her life is changed, she meets a lot of people and gets invited to lots of parties. Every girl wants to be her and every boy wants to be with her but Tabitha is drawn to the mysterious Charlie. Their relationship progresses and Charlie reveals a massive secret which makes her question who she is and if she is living a lie. What will she choose? The wolf way of life or will she continue drinking and trying to forget her past, it all comes down to the wolf.


5. Five

Tabitha picked up her phone again; she dialled Charlie's number and let it ring. It went to voice mail again. She threw her phone on her bed and it bounced up. Charlie had not answered one of Tabitha's texts or calls. She wanted to know what happened the night before. All she could remember was Richard touching her arse and then she was kissing Charlie.

Smith knocked on her door and walked in. 'Are you okay Tabs?' Tabitha screamed and threw herself on the bed. She grabbed a pillow and chucked it at him. He walked into the room and sat down next to her on the bed.

'Dad go away.' Tabitha mumbled.

'Do you want to go somewhere with me today? It's my day off and you seem upset.'

'Do I?' Tabitha said sarcastically.

'Come on I can take you into town and we can have a look around.' Tabitha sat up.

'Okay, give me ten minutes to sort myself out.' Smith got up and left. Tabitha stood up and wiped her eyes. Charlie was putting her through hell and to make it worse she didn't even know what she did wrong.


Charlie looked at his phone, ten new messages and fifteen new texts. He sighed. His mother, Eve, walked in and put down a tray of tea on the table. 'What's wrong darling?'

'It's really complicated mum.' Eve walked over to him and kissed his cheek.

'You'll sort it out, you’re a smart boy.'

'Thanks mum.' Charlie grabbed a cup of tea and took a sip. There was only one problem he didn't know what to do about it.


Smith put some drinks into his small backpack and closed it up. Tabitha walked downstairs and slipped her shoes on. 'Where did you go last night Tabs? There was sick outside but when I came in you were fast on.' Smith was catching on, Tabitha panicked silently.

'I was at Lily's and I think I got food poisoning from the meat at school.' Smith nodded and opened the door. He let Tabitha walk out first and he followed, locking up.

Tabitha sat in the passenger’s seat and looked out of the window; while she had been there she hadn't really taken any time to look at the beautiful landscape of snowy Canada. The mountains looked like they had been sprinkled with icing sugar. 'Dad why did you move all the way to Canada?' Tabitha asked turning to him. He was fiddling with the heating in the car.

'They speak English and the landscape is a lot better than dreary old England.'


Smith pulled up into the smallest car park in the world. He exited the car and headed for the ticket machine. Tabitha dragged herself out of the car and slammed the door. She really had no energy and the biggest hangover in the world.

Tabitha stood by the car and waited for Smith. He returned and put the ticket inside the car. He locked the car and looked at Tabitha. 'Where to first?'

'Where do you want to go? I don't know my way around.' Smith nodded and walked off followed by Tabitha.


Tabitha exited the book store with three new books. She smiled at her dad who was carrying ten bags, Tabitha was carrying five herself. 'Can we nip back to the car?' Smith asked putting the bags on the floor, giving his arm a rest.

'Sure, my arms are hurting a little as well.' Tabitha smiled and began to walk to the car. She saw Lily and waved. Lily didn't notice. 'Lily.' Tabitha shouted. Lily spun around and waved to her.

'Hi Tabitha.' Lily turned around and carried on rummaging in her bag for something. Smith unlocked the car and put the bags in, Tabitha did the same.


Lily was startled by Tabitha noticing her. She was trying to find her car keys in her bag and she couldn't. She bent down and found them on the floor. She picked them up and turned around to find Harry in front of her. 'Harry I need to get home.' But Harry didn't let her move. He had a murderous look on him. 'Harry are you okay?' He began to pull her away. He looked into the car park and saw Tabitha. He backed away and ran off. Lily ran to her car and drove off.


When Tabitha got home she slung herself onto the sofa and had a quick nap. The TV was blaring out and she didn't hear her phone ring. It was Charlie.

Tabitha stirred from her sleep and picked up her phone. She almost chucked it at the wall she was that mad. 'Dad why didn't you tell me my phone was ringing?' She shouted after hearing him in the kitchen.

'You were asleep; I didn't want to wake you Tabs.' Tabitha screamed and ran to her room. She slammed the door and began to cry again.

She put the phone to her ear and listened to the message. Hi Tabitha, it's Charlie. I don't know if you are out or anything but I called by your house. Listen about the kiss; I don't want it to happen again. I'll pick you up Monday. It's for your own good. Let’s stay friends.

Tabitha took the phone from her ear and slowly put it on the floor. She remembered what had happened at the party and...And when he brought her home. It was faint but she got the just of it. Then her phone rang again. She picked it up straight away, didn't look at the caller ID or anything.

'Hello.' She said wearily.

'Hi Tabitha its Richard...' Oh god, Tabitha thought. What did he want?

'Hello Richard.' Tabitha said spitefully.

'I wondered if you wanted to go to the beach tomorrow.' 

'And why would I want to do that?' 

'Because it would be nice to show you the beach.' Richard smiled to himself.

'Okay I'll go with you tomorrow.' 

'Okay I'll be at your at eleven am. See you tomorrow.' Tabitha took the phone away from her ear and hung up. Maybe Richard was a nice guy and people just thought he was a douche. Maybe his hand did slip and Tabitha had told him to go away for no reason, she was pretty drunk. 

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