There is this one girl who is kidnapped by her favorite band... One Direction!!!


2. Please.. no!

Ashley's POV



"No we certainly aren't." A husky British accent said, we looked up at the figure. We all had scared expressions in our faces. One grabbed my arms and pulled me up, then Hailey next, then Sydney. "What do you want from us?!? Who are you anyway!?!" Hailey screamed right in their faces. They just looked at her, then at each other. One of them grabbed some bandanas out of his pocket. "W-what are t-those for?" I sputtered. "Well I guess your going to find out." A soft British voice said, but it had an evil tone to it. They put the bandanas on our mouths and eyes, then lifted us into the van. They took our blind folds off. "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU KIDNAP US?!?!" I yelled. They took their masks off. We gasped


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