There is this one girl who is kidnapped by her favorite band... One Direction!!!


1. Mysterious van

Hailey's POV



I was walking down the street with my friends. I noticed a black van, that was slowly driving by us. We all looked back at the van, the windows were tinted. We all got scared and started running. "The van is catching up to us!!" screamed my friend, Sydney. "Lets go down here!" I said. We turned down a alley that was to small for the van to drive thru. We slowed down to a walk. Then we heard doors slam shut and whispering. We looked back and saw five guys with masks. They all stopped and whispered something to each other. Then they were coming towards us. I felt a shiver going down my back. Ashley whispered to me "What do they want?" "I don't know, but lets keep running." I whispered back. Then we started running, so did the five people with masks on. Then we turned down a alley that was a little wider, with many more hiding places. I helped my friends climb up a fence and then I climbed over, we sat there until they passed. "Are they gone?" Sydney whispered a little to loudly. "No we certainly aren't." A husky British accent said over our heads. We looked at him, scared.



Sorry for the short chapter!

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