Why Do All People Have To Love Me Like This?

English fan fiction, about The Hobbit. It's my fan fiction, but the characters belong and are made by Tolkien. It's written in I-person, and yeah, I think that it would be great, that Bofur is the main character in my fan fiction. I'd think that he should be the main character, because nobody really is using him that much, account him etc.



4. Young Dwarves Is Teasing Me.

Gandalf and Bilbo went deeper into the woods, so I was left with Fíli and Kíli. I smiled at them, and looked down for a moment. I took Glóins axe and began to chop some wood. When I swung the axe too hard, dropped my hat. I put the axe on the ground, and then to Fíli had taken it. "Ehm .. you have my hat, lad?" I said, and smiled still, however, weaker. "Yes, we have really noticed, dear Bofur" said Kíli. "Why did you call me 'dear', Kíli?" I asked, and furrowed my eyebrows. "Well .. we're friends and we call each other things like that," said Fíli. "Can I at least get my hat back?" I asked, and began to get a little irritated at them. "Does that hat really so much?" asked Kíli. "Yes it does actually, Kíli!" I said, and took arms crossed. I would like to have my hat again, and their little game was childish. "Give me my hat back, so I can cut some wood and give it to Dori" I said. "If you can guess Fíli's riddle, you can get it again," said Kíli, and smiled in a strange way. "Fine that hard can't it be!" I said angrily and impatiently. "A snail is climbing up a deep well. The well is twenty feet deep. Every day climbs the snail three meters up, and every night it glides two meters back into the depths. How long is the snail to crawl out of the well, Bofur? "said Fíli. "Eighteen days, yes that's my answer," I said. "Hm ... the shame, the answer is correct, then we shall give you the hat again," said Fíli. "Unless ..." said Kíli. "Unless what?" I asked. "You're not as smart as we thought you were Bofur" said Fíli. "Oh shut up! Give me my hat back!" I said, and so angrily at them. I took his hands in the side, and went over against Fíli. I grabbed him and pulled him up a bit. "Give me my hat, and it must be now Fíli!" I said sternly. Fíli came down and pushed me to Kíli, who took hold of me. "In Durin's name!" I said, and looked at Fíli. Fíli came towards me and grabbed my chin as he tapped me on the nose. "You should relax a little," said Kíli. "I could not agree more, nadadith" said Fíli. "You do not call Kíli nadadith, you can say 'little brother' in normal language, you are NOT Bifur!" I said, and tried to kick the Fíli.

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