Why Do All People Have To Love Me Like This?

English fan fiction, about The Hobbit. It's my fan fiction, but the characters belong and are made by Tolkien. It's written in I-person, and yeah, I think that it would be great, that Bofur is the main character in my fan fiction. I'd think that he should be the main character, because nobody really is using him that much, account him etc.



2. Songs By Heart.

I sat at the campsite, of course, were the others have to do something quickly, so I was only back, I thought. "Well.." I said and sang:
"Hope is gone"
"Life is over"
"Nothing will help"
"Our wounds and scars"
"Nothing is good"
"Nothing is a good help"
"Nothing can get us back"
"Not even the strongest magic"
"Those who now are dead"
"Will never come again"
"As long as I remember"
"Are our lives not quite connected"
"However, we will have an end"
"But it is not now"
"We are here"
"We are here"

That was my first song, I had three to sing. I started singing again:
"A heavy sighing"
"A soft mumbling"
"An endless talk"
"Who knows what can happen?"
"Nothing is good as long as we are here"
"We must return to Erebor"
"To get our home"
"And gold"
"Bilbo was right"
"We have no home"
"For it has been taken"
"By the dragon Smaug"
"We have to go back soon"
"Before Durin's Day"
"So moonlight can shine on the door"
"And we can get in."

This was my second song, and now to the third, which was the Elf King Thranduil:

"Forget them not"
"You left them"
"You let their kingdom fall"
"You would not help"
"You rode away on your elk"
"Because you did not have hope"
"To save Erebor"
"Everyone knows that you crawled back"
"To Mirkwood"
"And you let them stand"
"Back with dying people"
"Without help"
"You could at least"
"Having helped the wounded"
"But no you left them"
"With a cold heart"


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