Why Do All People Have To Love Me Like This?

English fan fiction, about The Hobbit. It's my fan fiction, but the characters belong and are made by Tolkien. It's written in I-person, and yeah, I think that it would be great, that Bofur is the main character in my fan fiction. I'd think that he should be the main character, because nobody really is using him that much, account him etc.



1. Sitting While Singing A Old Song.

I sat by the fire, of course, along with twelve other dwarves, the wizard and the Hobbit. I sighed and looked at Thorin. "Do you know the song, about the lost war? Between dwarfs and orcs?" I asked, and they shook their heads, everyone. "Okay, I will now sing it for you."
"We forgot that we had something to do"
"We failed each other, and did not help"
"Just because they did not help us, it does not mean they hate us"
"We let our hatred going too far"
"Lost all we were at war"
"Many of our people had long since dead"
"The orcs had disappeared, and only a few of us were back"
"Our hatred of elves, has made us weak"
"And we can not do anything but wait"
"For our hope is gone"
"And nothing can get it back to our hearts"
"I wish we'd never caused it to happen"
"I wish we never had lost"
"I wish we never let our people die"
"I wish we had never let down our kingdom"

That was the song, The Lost War. "What was that song? Where did you hear that?" asked Dwalin, and wrinkled his brow. "The Lost War., I have heard a man sing, and the song was written to Erebor, the war we had" I replied, and sighed slightly. I would not talk to Dwalin about the war, I was not there, but Thorin had told me how the war had happened, who died, what happened. "Who was the man?" asked Kíli. "It does not matter, happened has happened ... the song fits just a little to our plight right now, and yes ..." I answered, with an impatient glance. I looked at Kíli, and sighed then just slightly. I got up and went to our camp edge. We were the top of a mountain, of a kind. I just stood there and let the wind blow in my hair in my beard and my clothes. I took my pipe up, and began to smoke a little, while I just looked straight ahead, in the darkness of night. Fíli looked at me, and then took a hand on my shoulder. "Are you okay, laddie?" asked Fíli, and smiled askance at me. I nodded, and went on smoking on my pipe while I still looked out into the night darkness, clinging to my face and my soul.

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