Why Do All People Have To Love Me Like This?

English fan fiction, about The Hobbit. It's my fan fiction, but the characters belong and are made by Tolkien. It's written in I-person, and yeah, I think that it would be great, that Bofur is the main character in my fan fiction. I'd think that he should be the main character, because nobody really is using him that much, account him etc.



5. I....I Love Him.

I got free from their grip, and went up to Thorin again. "T. Thorin ...?" I said, and looked after him. "Thorin, hear!" I said, crying. "Sorry!" I said again. I fell down on his knees and took her hands in front of your eyes. How could I be such to Thorin? I could've said no, in a nice way! I could not understand myself, I have never done. I got weak tears in his eyes, and screamed with anger, sadness and panic. "Thorin, where are you?! Sorry, I did not want to hurt you .... inside ..." I said, and got more tears in his eyes. I fell down on all fours, and then just down on some rocks. I fell down on the hard stone, and smiled at all. Why could not I just have requited his love? It is difficult for Thorin to love, I know. I heard a sound behind me and looked quickly at the figure. "T. Thorin ...?" I stammered and looked at him. I got up and ran over and hugged him. "I'm sorry ... I would not hurt you .." I said, and held firm on Thorin. I would not let him go, let him go ... I could not. Not after what I had done. I looked at him and slap him. I would sing a fourth song, only to Thorin Oakenshield, my king:
"Eyes like a hawk"
"Hair as a majestic king"
"Muscles like a bear"
"Love so rare"
"Few have experienced it"
"Won your love to feel"
"No matter how you are"
"I love you, Thorin Oakenshield"
"The way you are"
"Is just one of the many reasons"
"Regardless of what divides us"
"Would I do anything to be with you"
"I would not let you go"
"Not a place where I could not follow you"
"I love you ...."


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