Why Do All People Have To Love Me Like This?

English fan fiction, about The Hobbit. It's my fan fiction, but the characters belong and are made by Tolkien. It's written in I-person, and yeah, I think that it would be great, that Bofur is the main character in my fan fiction. I'd think that he should be the main character, because nobody really is using him that much, account him etc.



6. He And Me Are Perfect Together No Matter What.

I smiled weakly and looked at the silent Thorin. "I'm so glad you sing it, and that you feel such Bofur" said Thorin, and hugged me. I knew what would happen now, and I let happen to it here I will remember no matter what happens to me or him. "Now, I'll sing you a song, Bofur" said Thorin. I nodded, and let him sing.
"Just your hair makes me happy"
"Your beard is cool and nice"
"I've looked at you"
"Long enough to love you"
"I know I may sound strange"
"But I will not use you"
"Not even for your body"
"I love you Bofur"
"You make me happy"
"And I will not let you go"
"Because if you do not love me"
"Can I no longer feel alive"
The song was so ... sweet, perfect, good. I hugged him still, and smiled so. "The song .... it ... it is .... so good, I could not make a better myself" I said. I saw he approached my lips, and I let him approach. This moment was rare, and I would not let anything spoil it. He kissed me and I kissed, it felt ... strange, but still good. "Your nephews tease me ..." I said to him, and took my arms around his neck. He took his arms around my stomach and looked down at me. "I will do something about," said Thorin. "Do we love each other?" I asked. "Yes, I know we do," said Thorin. "Are you sure you do not want me?" I asked. "Yes, I will not, and I did not intend to do," said Thorin. I could not hear he lied, I suspected him, but then stopped and began to hug him. "Good, because I would never speak to you again, it is perhaps a bit of driving, but it's my choice," I said. "And I do not give my love out to just anyone, you know Thorin" I said. Thorin just nodded, and we walked towards the other, and I got sawn some wood, we needed to later in the evening. And so ended a great story that will continue.


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