No Greater Love

Stephanie Cole is a girl who loves the spotlight. She will do anything to get it, anything at all. But when suspicions arise about her life and her being the cause for a former teachers suicide she is all too quick to run from her love of the light. But when she is reported missing it falls to Detective Inspector Henry Quinton and his DC Wilson Drake to find her before something terrible happens. Soon St. Grandorf's school for girls is back to normal and Stephanie is home again yet when she is found murdered there are a number of suspects for Quinton to look at before he can find the true perpetrator of this terrible crime....


15. Mister Barrows reads of an old friend’s arrest And imprisonment

Chapter Fifteen:


Mister Barrows reads of an old friend’s arrest

And imprisonment


Two weeks later…


17th November 1895,


The frost and snow was thick, the whole city was as covered in an equally thick layer of crisp white freshly lay snow. Barrows was sat in his large rectangular living room next to a roaring yellow fire and with a glass tumbler filled to the rim with a golden liquor know to me and you as whisky. Scottish whisky to be precise. So, he sat and sipped the whisky and relaxed in his large leather chair. It had been two weeks to the day that he had had a young plump uniformed police officer knock on his door and tell him that Miss. Stephanie Cole was once again safe and well. It had as a surprise to him that such a story had accompanied the reappearance of Miss. Cole. The first thing that he had done was to telephone the headmistress of St. Grandorf’s, however it wasn’t her who answered the call. It was in fact the housemaid of the house; it was her of informed Mister Barrows of the sad and rather untimely passing of the headmistress. And after sending his condolences to the family he contacted the more senior members of the school staff and told them that as he was the acting headmaster he would continue with the roll until the end of term. That would mean that he would be the head until at least December 20th. After that, who knew? It would be up to a board of elderly overweight men to choose whether or not he was to continue as headmaster or not. It had come as a great shock to him.

However something was still to shock him even more than this. He sat back down into his big leather chair and took to reading one of the papers that he had bought earlier that morning. He flicked through it. What trash it was, all of it was either politics, rumours or complete and utter rubbish! All apart from one article.   


Man found guilty of St. Grandorf’s School Kidnap


Exactly two weeks ago yesterday this newspaper gave you the story of the missing school girl from local girl’s school St. Grandorf’s. However, today this very same newspaper can give you some breaking and very exciting news. When the girl, who has yet to be given a name by the police, was found by the police she told of her awful experience at the hands of a man who has recently been named as a Mr. Albert “Scruffy” Grahams. Grahams who is a professional tosher was also revealed as having a part to play with the underworld and rather disgusting business of prostitution was set to appear at Kensington Crown Court on Tuesday morning. The accused maintained throughout the trial that he had and has never had anything to do with child prostitution and that he was in fact taking the girl to the police as at the time she was missing. Despite his pleas and even weeping at one point, the jury found Mr. Grahams guilty of both kidnap and intent to sell the girl into a child prostitution ring of London. Subsequently the man has been sentenced to sixteen years in prison, with a minimum sentence of eight years. The verdict of this paper is that this is a fantastic and right result. We wish the girl a happy and healthy recovery from such a terrible ordeal and we hope that she can take comfort from the fact that this horrible little man will be thrown behind bars and the keys shall be thrown away!


Written by Richard Welshman


Barrows was shocked. His hands were shaking and anger was bubbling inside of him. She was lying, he was sure of it. Scruffy would never do something like that, not his old friend! Never!

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