Fan Fiction 101

I've read a lot of fanfictions that need some help so here are some guidelines to write the best movella ever!
(I know that mine have mistakes but I only read over them on my iPad but not before I copy it onto the site so mine may not have all of theses qualities but this is the guideline I try to follow.)


9. Grammar

You do not have to use grammar when the character is speaking because not everybody speaks using proper grammar. I sure as crap don't. If the character isn't speaking you are not suppose to use conjunctions. I do because I just learned you are not suppose to this year and cuz it sounds weird to me. If you would say "She don't know what she's doing" to someone. Write it like this in the book: "She doesn't know what she's doing" only without quotations for someone who isn't speaking but thinking it. You could say don't if a character did say it though.

   Grammar make the book make more sense.

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