Fan Fiction 101

I've read a lot of fanfictions that need some help so here are some guidelines to write the best movella ever!
(I know that mine have mistakes but I only read over them on my iPad but not before I copy it onto the site so mine may not have all of theses qualities but this is the guideline I try to follow.)


4. Emotion

  Think back to the dress story in 'Description'. Yes, it said Mary really liked the dress, but what did she like about it? The color, the way it fit, the texture? This is all emotion.

  In a sad scene, you as the writer can't just say she was crying and not wanting to do anything. Yes, this does show she is sad, but it doesn't give her emotion. You have to say stuff like, 'I couldn't believe this was happening'. I lost my mother and father as a child and now my sister. I have nobody. Nobody cares for me anymore. I just want to go die in a hole.'

  This shows that she wants to die too. You couldn't get that from just saying she sat on the floor sobbing about her sister.

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