Fan Fiction 101

I've read a lot of fanfictions that need some help so here are some guidelines to write the best movella ever!
(I know that mine have mistakes but I only read over them on my iPad but not before I copy it onto the site so mine may not have all of theses qualities but this is the guideline I try to follow.)


2. Dialogue

Every fiction book needs dialogue if you ask me. When using dialogue, always put what the character is saying in quotation marks ("") Ex. 1. Maggie said to me, "I love your dress!" Ex. 2 "I love your dress!" Maggie said to me.

     Dialogue is great but too much is not good. You still need paragraphs of description and emotion.

As a side note..

Try not to always say who says what...

Ex. "Hi" Molly said

"Hi" Samantha said

"How are you?" Said Molly. 

"Good, thanks," said Samantha.

That gets old very quickly, and can begin to become annoying. Be creative with your writing! Good writers find ways to write things in a way that interest their readers, not bore them.

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