Fan Fiction 101

I've read a lot of fanfictions that need some help so here are some guidelines to write the best movella ever!
(I know that mine have mistakes but I only read over them on my iPad but not before I copy it onto the site so mine may not have all of theses qualities but this is the guideline I try to follow.)


5. Characters

In a fanfictions, there are usually two main characters. The boy and the girl. Sometimes there are more when the girl falls for more than one. There are other reasons for more than one but ithat is the most common. There also needs to be minor characters, like her friends, teachers, sometimes fans, but too may is a bad thing. Some fanfictions are written where the girl is popular and has many friends. If you don't name all of them, this is ok. I get confused on who is who when she has many friends and all of them are mentioned..

   When you add a new character, give them some purpose and possibly a description if they will be in the story a lot. When they just come out of nowhere, the readers get confused as to who they are. 

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