Fan Fiction 101

I've read a lot of fanfictions that need some help so here are some guidelines to write the best movella ever!
(I know that mine have mistakes but I only read over them on my iPad but not before I copy it onto the site so mine may not have all of theses qualities but this is the guideline I try to follow.)


6. Basing it off of Something

When you base a story off of something else as in a tv show, (as in the same characters are there and everything) don't add more characters then needed and stick to the basic storyline of the show. In the book 'Heartland' by sierrathedirectioner97' it is taking place on the Heartland ranch. I recognized exact lines from the show and she sticks to the storyline. Amy is still a horse whisperer (or horse listener and Amy calls it) and Lou (Amy's sister) is still stubborn. She didn't change things like who a character was or what they did. The grandpa was still jack, the vet was still Scott, Ashley was still a brat to everyone. It was perfectly based off of Heartland.

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