One Direction Imagines

These are my first imagines so...


6. Tarah and Louis

You're sitting in the library at lunch doing your homework when suddenly someone sits right next to you. You look to see who spoilt your serious study session. Oh crap... you think, it's the school heart throb Louis Tomlinson and he's sitting next to me! 

"Can I have some help with this?" he asks.

"Of course!" you say far too excitedly.

He laughs at your stumble and then begins reading the question he's stuck on. But you can't concentrate on what he's asking you as you gaze into his dreamy blue eyes. He notices and laughs. Oh gosh, he must think I'm such a freak you think.


"Would you like me to repeat that?" he asks smiling.

"Yes please," you say embarrassed.

"How do you solve these simultaneous equations?"

1)  2x + y = 7

2)  3x - y = 8

"Well, firstly you need to remove the y's from the equations. So add them together to get  5x = 15. Then you need to find the value of x so divide 15 by 5. So, x = 3 and y = 1!" you reply smiling.

He smiles back, "That was amazing! Hey, how would you feel about a study session, sometime, at my house?"

"Yeah sure!"

"Well, I've got to go now but I'll see you around," he says as he leaves the library, but not before winking at you over his shoulder.

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