One Direction Imagines

These are my first imagines so...


3. Melina and Harry

You've invited all your friends round for a sleepover and you've just ordered some pizza. You're chatting mindlessly about school and boys while drinking some coke.

"So guys, what's new?" asks your best friend.

"Oooh, me first!" says your other friend excitedly, "Guess who I saw jogging through town today?" she waits in silence, "Sam Ashton! I mean phwoar!" you and your friends giggle in excitement.

"So what film..." you begin to ask but are interrupted by the doorbell ringing.

"PIZZA!" your friends scream.


You all rush downstairs and your friends go to get some plates. You yank the door open to find a tall, slim man at the door. The rain has made his top see-through and you immediately notice his defined abs. He has curly hair in a thick mop but it looks surprisingly sexy and his dark brown eyes seem to have no end.

"Erm, hello," you say awkwardly, stunned by his perfect features.

He laughs softly then says, "Hello, I've got your pizza."

"Erm, yeah, of course. Here's the money." You hand over the cash but as your hands touch you feel him shivering violently, "You must be freezing, come in for a minute, I'm Melina."

""Nice to meet you Melina, I'm Harry," he says as he steps into your hallway.


Suddenly you hear giggling behind you when your friends return to find you standing with a hunk in the hallway, "Oh God..."

Your friend takes the pizzas from Harry, "You can stay a while... if you'd like... We're just about to watch a film?"

"Well I've got an hour until I need to be back at the Restaurant so... Why not?" 

You return upstairs with the pizza.

"What film would you like to watch, Harry?" asks your friend.

"Erm... I don't mind. Rom-com, maybe?"

" 'The Holiday' sound good?" you ask.

"Yeah, sure!"


You are watching the film and when you finish your pizza you rest your hands by your sides. Suddenly, another hand creeps slowly over your hand and interlocks it's fingers with yours. You look over at Harry and he winks at you then he grabs your mobile and types, 'Harry ღ' then his phone number. You smile at him and lean your head on his shoulder just as the film ends happily.

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