One Direction Imagines

These are my first imagines so...


5. Alyssa and Liam

It's your 3rd year anniversary of being Liam Payne's girlfriend and he's told you he has a surprise for you. You are just sitting on the sofa when Liam grabs you from behind and pulls a blindfold across your eyes. 

"Come with me!" he says excitedly. You follow reluctantly, you hate surprises,

"Please tell me where we're going?" you ask Liam.



He leads you out the door, down the steps from the porch and down the street.  You find yourself getting completely disorientated and you have no clue where you're going. 

"Take your shoes off," he instructs you, so you obey and slip off your straw sandals. As you begin walking again you feel sand under your feet instead of the grass before. Liam slowly removes your blindfold and you can't help a gasp escaping your mouth as you gaze upon the beautiful ocean in a sunset. Your on a sandy beach, the white dust continues for as far as you can see. The crystal clear ocean oscillates gently and you see the reflection of the golden sun and fuchsia sky.


And there, in front of you, is a table lain for two. Liam pulls out your chair for you and you sit down.

"This is beautiful, Liam. You shouldn't have..." you say but Liam stops you with a finger on your lips. He pulls a small box out of his jacket and opens it up. Inside is a beautiful ring, with a thin silver band encrusted with diamonds and a huge blue diamond in the centre surrounded by other white diamonds. (one on the left, top)

"Alyssa, will you make me the happiest man alive? Will you marry me?" he asks.





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