Catch Of The Day

When Jenna's dad goes to visit her brother in New York, she is left alone to take care of the bait shop. What happens when One Direction come along, especially Niall Horan, will she be his catch of the day?


1. Stuck

*Jenna's pov*
I was glad that my brother had gotten a scholarship and was at the college of his dreams, but did it really have to be all the way in New York? My dad told me that James would need some time to get used to New York, so naturally, he offered to help.
He once lived there and that is actually how my mom and him met. I really miss her, she died from cancer 3 years ago. We don't really talk about her much. It always makes my dad upset, and us too.
I snapped out of my thoughts and went back to my job. I know what your asking... What job do you have? Well my job is to watch over the bait shop my dad owned. That's right,I'm bait girl. But my personality is totally opposite. I love some girly things and I HATE bugs and bait. And because I live in Texas, there is both.
I looked around the bait shop. It had a very old and shack feeling to it, but to me it was normal. I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing blue jean shorts with ripped cuffs, and an army green v-neck. I never said I was such a girly girl to where all I wear is pink. If you expect all that, we'll be disappointed.
I walked outside and the smell of fish being gutted blew my nose hole up. I quickly walked through to where the little boat my dad had and climbed in. I started it and went out to the middle of the lake. It was a very popular lake for people to visit and go water skiing and such. That also made it great because all of the fish ran this way right into our side of it.
I went to the outskirts of the tourist part of the lake and set up a net to catch some live bait. I looked around and could see a party boat about 40 yards away. They were blasting their music and I could hear it where I was from. I squinted hard and saw that there were about 8 people on there. I was glad they were having fun, but was jealous because they were enjoying their summer and I was not.
Suddenly a jet ski came close to me and did a giant donut causing me to get all wet. I looked over to the people who had now left me dripping wet, and they were smiling and laughing at me. Great. Suddenly the water waves got bigger and were tipping the boat. I looked over to where the people were but they had already left. Now I could see the party boat coming my way. Great! Other people to pick on me and make myself look foolish.
Then the unthinkable happened. The boat tipped over and I fell into the water. I tried to bob back up to the surface but my combat boot was stuck in that stupid net that I set out. I started freaking out and flapping around like, well, a girl trapped underwater. I grabbed my tangled foot and started pulling on it to let go of me. It wouldn't let go.
Suddenly I heard someone splash inside the water. I looked over to where it came from. Then my senses started getting blurry and I was out of breath. The last thing I remember was seeing a cute blonde boy with blue eyes trying to untangle my foot from the net.


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