Catch Of The Day

When Jenna's dad goes to visit her brother in New York, she is left alone to take care of the bait shop. What happens when One Direction come along, especially Niall Horan, will she be his catch of the day?


2. Rescued

*Eleanor's pov*
I loved I when all of the boys, and Dani, Perrie and I could just hang out and be ourselves. We never got to do that anymore.
" Hazza!" I heard my Louis call."Where are the sandwiches, I'm hungry!" I walked over to him and put my head on his shoulder as he was looking the other way. He parked the party boat and turned around to face me. I looked into his big, blue eyes and gave him an Eskimo kiss.
" I don't know lad. Naill was in charge of them." He told him. We all looked over to him and he had a half a sandwich in his mouth.
"Niall! You ate all the sandwiches?" Zayn whined.
"I thought everybody was in charge of bringing heir own. Sorry lads." He said his face now turning red and he put the sandwich down. That's when Danny took her chance. She darted for the sandwich that was in Niall's hand. Niall almost immediately reacted and pulled the sandwich away from her. He shoved it in her mouth and gave her a smile. She now playfully went after him and before she reached him Liam grabbed her and backed her away from the seat and into another one.
"Let's all stay calm guys it's not like that was the last piece of food on the planet. Look," Liam said pointing to this small shack on the other side of the lake, "there's an old country shop. Lets just turn on some tunes and go over there and look for some food. " we all nodded and Louis went back to the steering wheel. He turned on the radio and ironically it was Live While We're Young by no other than the lads.
We all laughed and started singing and dancing. Louis steered the boat that way and I saw a girl who looked about our age in a little John boat that was shaking side to side. She also was dripping wet. I looked over to a jet ski that was now speeding away. Jerks. Suddenly the girl fell out of the boat.
"Louis head over to that girl, she just fell out of her boat." He went over there faster and stopped. We saw her a little but It looked like she couldn't swim.
Before you could say 'somebody throw her a life raft' Niall threw off his shirt and jumped in after her in his swim trunks.
*Niall's pov*
I jumped in and saw the girl struggling to free her foot from this fishing net. I swam over there and tried to get the boot loose but it wouldn't budge. I have an idea. I will just take her boot off. I pulled it off and grabbed her bridal style to carry her to the top.
I was almost our of breath when I felt hands grab us and pull us out of the water. I looked up to the boys standing above me and Danny wrapped a towel around me. " I'm fine guys. Help her I think she's unconscious!"I yelled. They all surrounded around her and Liam started giving her mouth to mouth. She was so beautiful. She had brown hair and was very fit.
Suddenly she jolted and started coughing up water. Happiness filled my face as I realized she was still alive. I now saw that she had brown eyes. I don't think I can say it enough, she is beautiful.


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