Catch Of The Day

When Jenna's dad goes to visit her brother in New York, she is left alone to take care of the bait shop. What happens when One Direction come along, especially Niall Horan, will she be his catch of the day?


3. Meeting The Group

*Jenna's pov*
What is happening? I feel myself slipping forwards this beautiful light when I feel someone's lips crash onto mine. What is going on? Suddenly I realize something, I am being given mouth to mouth. But why? And who is this person ?
Before I could come up with logical explanations, I jolted open and started coughing up water on the floor of this party boat. I looked up to see a lot of bright light and 8 people staring at me.
"Guys give her some room to breathe." I heard the guy say who was Parking the boat say. He had brown hair and blue eyes.
"Here," this boy with the buzz cut said. He handed me a towel and wrapped it around me. Apparently I was dripping wet.
"Can you remember what happened love?" The boy with very curly hair and green eyes asked me. "I'm Harry by the way, that's Liam"he said pointing to the buzz cut boy " That's Eleanor, Danny and Perrie he said pointing to the girls who were sitting behind me "And that's Zayn and Niall ." He said pointing to a cute blonde with this awkward smile on his face, and a guy with all black hair with blonde in his quiff.
"Harry! You forgot about me!" The boy who was driving the boat yelled. He now looked over at Harry and had this pouty face on.
"Sorry Louis, I mean carrot man. " I put a puzzled look on my face and started to a move back away from everyone. They were kinda freakin me out. Niall came up to me and put a hand on my shoulder.
"Sorry if they are a little strange love. Do you remember anything that happened? " he asked.
"I remember falling into the water and getting my foot caught in the net, but that's all." I said. He nodded his head.
"We'll Eleanor here saw you fall in and she told us about you..." Niall said
"Thank you." I interrupted.
"Then I jumped in and untangled you kinda. I don't think you will get your shoe back. Sorry. And then we saw you weren't breathing so Liam gave you mouth to mouth. Now your caught up. "
"We'll um... Thank you for saving my life Liam, and if you don't mind, I'm gonna go get my boat and drive it back to shore. " I said while trying to stand up. I got up and immediately grabbed my head and felt dizzy. Niall grabbed me and set me down on the seat. He looked at me with concern.
"Let's just hang on there love. You get dizzy just by standing. I am no doctor, but I think you need one. How about Harry takes your boat to shore for you and we will drive you to the hospital just to be safe. " Liam said. I immediately knew that he was the responsible one of the group.


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