Catch Of The Day

When Jenna's dad goes to visit her brother in New York, she is left alone to take care of the bait shop. What happens when One Direction come along, especially Niall Horan, will she be his catch of the day?


5. Hospital Visit

*Sophie's pov*
     I pulled up to the hospital and grabbed the bag with her clothes in it. As I entered the hospital I saw a girl being wheeled into a room with a towel wrapped around her. I immediately thought that it was Jenna and ran towards her. It turned out it was Jenna, but I was a second too late to speak to her. As soon as I had gotten there the doors had closed. I turned around and saw one direction and their girlfriends.
     "You must be Sophie." Harry asked me.
     "That would be me. Wait are you the guy who called me?" I said pointing to the blonde one. " Niall right? "
     "Yup" He said popping the 'p'. I extended my hand to shake but instead he grabbed me and gave me a huge bear hug. " Sorry, I'm a big hugger" he said with a grin on his face.
     I chuckled a little and turned to talk to the other guys. "Are you a big fan?"
"You guys are good at singing, but I'm not like a stalker or anything." I said. What? Would you tell them you live on youtube watching their videos?

     We all sat down in the hospital chairs and the order from left to right: Zayn, Perrie, Liam, Dani, Louis, Eleanor, Niall, me, Harry. (They had already introduced the girls.) A doctor walked up to us and asked me "Are you here for Miss Jenna Smith?" I nodded and everyone stood up. He looked surprised and said " big crowd!" We chuckled.
     "Miss Jenna is going to be fine, we did a c-t scan and she seems to be just fine. We are going to keep her here overnight though, just to be sure."
     Relief filled me all throughout and I heard some other relieved sighs too. "When can we see her?" Niall and I asked simultaneously. We looked at each other and then looked back at the doctor.
     "Right now actually, she has been asking for a Sophie?" He said trying to remember the name. I raised my hand slightly and stepped up. "If you and your friends will follow me, I will show you to her room. "
     We all walked behind him and he stopped in front of a door. He motioned for us to go in and left to go tend to another patient.
     I opened the door and everybody flooded in. Jenna had the remote to the tv in one hand and the other hand by her side with that little beeping machine hooked to it. She looked to where we were all standing and a big grin came up on her face.
*Jenna's pov*
     I was scanning through the crummy tv channels when I heard my door open. I didn't think it was anyone but another nurse. I flipped through another channel and decided to just see who it was. An immediate grin flew on my face as I saw my best friend since well, forever, and the people who saved my life.
     "Sophie!!!" I yelled extending my hands out for a huge hug. She set the bag with some clothes down on the chair next to the bed and ran into my hug. She hugged me and giggled. That was like her signature thing she always did. Mine was that I had an addiction to gummy bears.
     "Thank goodness your ok. I was freakin out!" She said. I looked over to the guys,and girls, who were all standing near the door.
     I waved them in and said,"Guys, you can come in you know." They all walked inside and started bombarding me with questions like 'Are you ok? And, can you remember what happened? Then there was one ' Do you like carrots?'
     I rose my hand in to tell then to stop and yelled. "Yes I am ok, I have no memory loss whatsoever, and I like carrots!" They all shut up and stood around my bed.
     "Hey Jenna, have you called your dad yet?" Sophie asked. I suddenly realized I hadn't. I looked around for my phone and then realized it was in the bottom of the lake. Soph then handed me her phone and I called him.
     He wasn't calm about it and he almost came home but Soph grabbed the phone and used her awesome skills to convince him to stay. She hung up the phone and then realized it was almost seven. My stomach rumbled and I looked at Sophie and she knew exactly what I wanted.
     "Who wants to go with me to Nando's for some dinner?It's Jenna's favorite food." I asked. Immediately the cite Niall shot up out of the chair and we went to go get food.

~ after food and eating~

     Niall and Sophie decided to stay overnight with me. I tried to convince then to go sleep in their own comfy beds at home but they refused. The guys said they would pick up Niall tomorrow with me. I started to drift off to sleep and as soon as I closed my eyes I heard Soph speaking. I sat up and looked at her but she was Still asleep. She spoke again. "Niall, I promise I won't tell Jenna you like her..."


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