Catch Of The Day

When Jenna's dad goes to visit her brother in New York, she is left alone to take care of the bait shop. What happens when One Direction come along, especially Niall Horan, will she be his catch of the day?


4. Calling Sophie

 * Perrie's pov*
     Harry climbed into Jenna's little John boat and drove it where she told him to. Meanwhile, I handed Jenna an extra pair of clothes that I had packed and showed her where the bathroom was.
     "You feel good enough to be able to walk?" I asked her while helping her up. She nodded her head.
     "Yeah, I'm fine." She replied. She stood up and started walking rather slowly.
     Suddenly we hit a wave and she fell down face first onto the boat floor. I stood up and started towards her, but sooner than you could say are you ok, Niall was beside her helping her up. Niall picked her up bridal style and carried her back to the seat.
     "I'm sorry Jenna, " Louis said to her. She nodded her head and grabbed it again as if it hurt to even think.
     "I'll change later, thank you though ," she said as she handed my clothes back to me. Niall wrapped her up tighter and she sat in his arms and laid her head on his shoulder. They were so cute together.
* Jenna's pov*
     We pulled up to the docking station and saw Harry running over to help with the boat. He looked out of breath. I don't blame him if I had run all the way to the tourist side of the lake I would be tired too.
Niall helped me up and climed down the ladder once the boys ( Harry, Zayn and Louis and Liam ) had the boat hooked up. He walked me into their big car and I sat down next to him.
     "Do you have someone that you can call to pick you up after the hospital?" He asked me.
     " I have my friend Sophie, but that's it. "
     "What about your mum and dad?"
     "My dad is visiting my brother in New York and my mom... She isn't with us anymore." Tears steamed down my face and I held my head in my hands.
*Niall's pov*
     I felt horrible. Why did I have to bring that up? Now she was crying. I mentally face- palmed my head and started rubbing her back.
     "I'm sorry Jenna, I didn't mean to upset you. Where's your phone so I can call Sophie." She took her head out of her hands and looked at me.
     "It's at the bottom of the lake. And I had just gotten that from Soph for my birthday last month. "
     "Well do you know her number?"
     "Um yeah." She told me the number and I typed it into my I phone. It started ringing and then I heard a girl say,

     "Hello ?' " HiI'm Niall Horan and I'm here with Jenna. Her parent is out of town and we need you to go to the hospital on (gives the address ) ok?"
     "Yeah I'll be there as soon as I can."
* Sophie's pov*
     Wow. I can't believe Niall Horan just called me. *after fangirling moment* I ran to my closet and picked out some new clothes. I was not meeting one direction in sweatpants. I threw on a grey sweater and some purple skinny jeans and black combat boots.
     Then I ran to my bathroom. I didn't have my own apartment yet but Jenna and I are moving into one together. I brushed my teeth and then quickly brushed my blonde hair that went a little farther than my shoulders. I decided to let my natural waves stay. I grabbed my bag with some clothes for Jenna and my phone. I closed the door and checked to make sure it was locked. My mom was at work and my dad lived in New Hampshire. I started the car and headed to the hospital. I hope Jenna's ok ...
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Hey!!! This is Sophie's outfit...

I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!!! Bye my beautiful tacos!!! ( I changed the fan name)
-Gigglez <3's Tacos

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