Catch Of The Day

When Jenna's dad goes to visit her brother in New York, she is left alone to take care of the bait shop. What happens when One Direction come along, especially Niall Horan, will she be his catch of the day?


7. Be Mine?

*Jenna's pov*
I was eventually able to fall asleep only to be disturbed by a nightmare.
I was in my dads fishing boat again. The party boat again. Oh no. I was knocked into the lake. I tried to swim up, but my boot was caught on the net. Images passed through my head that I didn't want to see. My dad and brother were laughing with the most evil looks ever.
"She can die for all I care." My brother snickered. No. No. No. This isn't real. I'm just hoping this isn't real. I'm feeling more nauseous. The image of my brother and father disappeared. Eleanor's figure along with Niall's came up.
"Niall? I think a girl just fell into the lake!"
"She'll get out herself. What use is she to us? I don't care about her." That hurt. My breathing had stop completely. The light came up. A cold, freakishly bright light. No. Niall help me! Niall! Help me Please!
*end of nightmare*


I woke to someone screaming my name. Jenna was screaming and squirming. She was yelling for me and for help. I sat next to her and held her. She woke up and cried into my chest.
"It's ok, Jenna. It's ok. I'm right here. I'm always here for you." She jolted awake and looked around he room with tears brimming in her eyes.
She then turned forwards me and immediately later her head on my chest and started crying. I hugged her close and calmed her down by rubbing circles on her back like Liam does. She eventually quieted down and I asked her.
"What happened, in the dream?" I asked her in a soft voice. She started shaking back and forth again and I dropped it. I started to sing an old Irish lullaby my mum used to sing to me.
She drifted to sleep in my arms with her head on my chest. Her stomach rose and fell slowly and I drifted off to sleep as well.

--------The next morning-------

* Jenna's pov*
I woke up that morning wrapped in Niall's arms with my head laying on his chest. I couldn't help but wish that I could wake up in his arms every morning. He then started stirring and woke up. He looked at me and smiled his gorgeous smile.
"Morning beautiful." I smiled at him and blushed a deep red color. He started talking again. " Jenna when I woke up this morning I was the happiest person on the planet because I woke up looking at you. Now I know that I met you yesterday but I want you to be my princess. Please?" Tears started brimming in my eyes and I nodded my head yes. Most people would say it was moving to fast but I don't care.
"Niall I would love to be your princess and I would love for you to be my night in shining armor." I smiled and we hugged for what seemed like forever. Then I heard the door open to the room and saw the guys standing there. I motioned for them to come in and sit. I told them to be careful about Soph sleeping but they decided to wake her up. With the wake up song. Niall let go of me and pulled out his phone and amazaynly (see what I did) had a guitar app. They started playing and I laughed the whole time. Especially at the end when Harry sat down on the chair next to her and kissed her cheek. She woke up and looked at everyone surrounding her, then touched her cheek where Harry kissed her.
"Be mine?" He asked. She molded yes and they kissed. Awwwwwwww I thought.
"Ahh my eyes!!!!!" Louis yelled. I got up and playfully hit him upside the head. We all bad a good laugh and I grabbed Sophie"s bag and we both took turns changing clothes and makeup and hair. The doctor then came and said that I could leave now. I sighted the release papers and we all walked out into the hit Texas summer air. Soph's and Harry holding hands and Niall's hand and mine intertwined also.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Ok! go to this site or like i said earlier, the name is A Day in High School #8   thats what i always name them if they don't get a special name. okay, bye!!!

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