15 years after the biggest destruction the world ever faced, Megan led an average life amidst all the crises. She pretty much liked the way her life was going. But, something totally unexpected happened. She was told by her parents that she was adopted. Her parents, her real parents were dead. Her grandparents however were alive. Old. But, alive.
She decided to meet them. What they told her changed her life for all eternity. Her life changed from normal to supernatural within a matter of minutes. Will she be able to cope with all the magical drama?
On top of all this, there’s Damon. He made her new found enchanted life more miserable. But, it eventually became hard to hate him because of all the hotness and the lifesaving!
Read on to see Megan’s life as she discovers herself, her powers, makes friends, enemies and falls in love.


1. Prologue

There is very little hope left for my baby and it’s all my fault. I should’ve listened to mom and dad. I shouldn’t have ignored their warnings. But, now all that I can do is regret all the decisions I have made in the past three days.

I remove the diary which contains my innermost thoughts and dilemmas and place it in the red leather carry bag. It contains essential things that my baby will need once she’s born. It also contains a silver chain with a crystal pendant shaped like a fortune teller’s crystal ball. It is a small pendant but very precious and it holds so many emotions-love, hatred, fear and as of now hopelessness. It was given to me by my husband. I loved it the instant I saw it. It was the most beautiful and elegant chain that I had ever seen.

I want my baby to have it. I’m not going to live through this. But, she may . I walk into the hospital in Phoenix, Arizona. The pain has started. I make up my mind. I will stay strong. I will give birth to my daughter, if it’s the last thing that I do.

They take me into a room and the doctor says that my baby will be born in about two hours. They ask me for my name. The pain subsided, and from what I know it will be back in a few minutes. I turn my attention to the tv. The devastation has begun. Cities have been wiped out in many counties. UK, India, Russia, Sweden and even USA. But, Phoenix will be safe as long as my parents are alive. They’ll take care of it. They owe it to my daughter and me.

After an hour and a half has passed  the pain has increased. I put everything I have into it. After a few moment I hear my daughter’s first cry. The nurses hand her over to me. She’s so precious!

“So Mrs.Winchester, have you thought of a name yet?” One of the nurses asks me.

“Yes. Megan Winchester.”

The nurses go away and I write my last words for Megan in the diary. I carry her out the back door and board a taxi. I get down at the airport. My parents are there. They give me one last hug before I board my plane to Greece. I start praying once I settle down. I haven’t prayed in  about 10 years. It feels different. But I’m still afraid.

The plane lands after some hours. I get down and hurriedly go to the cabin. There’s no time left. The destruction is heading here too. All planes have been cancelled. For all I know my parents are dead. I head into a dark room. This is where I learnt my first spell. I close mt eyes and think of my life so far. I have a few regrets, but nothing can be done about them now. I open my eyes and walk towards the tv to switch it on. The reporter says, “People have gathered in places of worship asking for forgiveness. Asking for god to save them from what is being called the Apocalypse.” The tv shuts down. The power is out. I carry Megan in my arms one last time. I place her down and keep the bag next to her. I use all the energy stored in me to cast the spell. It will protect her. The elements here will help me. I focus on the invisible power protecting us. The energy is draining out of me. But, I will not let my daughter die.

I use the last of my power to send as much magic towards the shield around my daughter. “I love you, Pearl” I say to my daughter. I can see the orb of protective light around her. She will survive this.

The last thing I see is the large wave of flood water engulfing me. 

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