15 years after the biggest destruction the world ever faced, Megan led an average life amidst all the crises. She pretty much liked the way her life was going. But, something totally unexpected happened. She was told by her parents that she was adopted. Her parents, her real parents were dead. Her grandparents however were alive. Old. But, alive.
She decided to meet them. What they told her changed her life for all eternity. Her life changed from normal to supernatural within a matter of minutes. Will she be able to cope with all the magical drama?
On top of all this, there’s Damon. He made her new found enchanted life more miserable. But, it eventually became hard to hate him because of all the hotness and the lifesaving!
Read on to see Megan’s life as she discovers herself, her powers, makes friends, enemies and falls in love.


2. Adopted

I looked at the reflection in the mirror. I pulled my wavy brown hair into a pony. Put some eyeliner under my grey eyes. I was wearing skinny jeans and a top. That’s what I always wore. My mom honked the horn. She drove me to school everyday. I’m a sophomore and I don’t get a license until next year. I grabbed my bag and went  out of my room. I wore my sneakers. No, I’m not a tomboy. It’s just that I’m 5’7” and happy with my height. So I don’t need to wear heels. Plus, they make me uncomfortable.

I got into the car and it was a quiet ride until school. I got out waved my mom goodbye and went in. I was walking towards my locker to grab books for first period, which was Chemistry when I spotted my best friend. I smiled at her when she saw me.

“Hi Megan” She said.

“Hey Taylor!” I replied.

We started walking together towards the lockers. “Why so glum?” I asked her when I realised she wasn’t ass cheeky as she normally was,

“We’re getting our scored for the Biology test from last week.” She said.

I just nodded because I understood her problem. She hated Biology just as much I detested Maths. We reached my locker and I started rummaging through ti for my books. I wasn’t exactly what you would call an organised person. I finally found my books and waved Taylor bye.

The first half of the day was surprisingly fast. When the bell rang for lunch, I rushed to the cafeteria. I was starving! Actually, I was always hungry. Everyone who knows my eating habits always ask me how I’m in shape in spite of all the hogging.

When I bought my sandwich and coke, I looked around. I saw that Taylor was sitting with Rachel and her friends. I didn’t particularly like them and they were not too fond of me. So, during lunch I usually sit with the television buffs. I enjoyed their company. It may sound really weird that I don’t hang out with my best friend but it isn’t really a big deal. I moved here last year and Taylor and I instantly became friends. Rachel however despised me from the moment she saw me. Taylor was friends with her so yeah they hang out sometimes.

I sat down next to Brendan. He was arguing with Wendy about some anime. I didn’t watch animes so I stayed out of the argument.

The second half of the day was rather slow.  I blame it on Maths. I just really hate that subject! The bell finally rang and it was time to go home. Taylor’s brother Max usually dropped me home before they went home. I went to the parking lot and spotted Max. I said my hello and sat down in the passenger seat.

“Where’s Taylor?” I asked.

“She’s going shopping with Rachel.”

“Oh. Alright!” Max started the car. He started driving.

“So, how are things between you and Lily?” I asked his casually. Lily was his girlfriend.

“It’s all good” He replied with a smile.

When I first met Max I had a crush on him. He was so cute. He has the world’s cutest smile. Those dimples just made me lose it! But as time passed I got over the crush and now we were just friends. We enjoyed talking and had a lot in common. The best part about hanging out with him was how much fun it was to tease Taylor.

The rest of the car ride was silent.

Within fifteen minutes, I reached home. I was about to get out of the car when Max held my wrist and stopped me. I looked at him. “What?” I asked.

“Is everything okay? I mean Taylor is always with Rachel and-“

“That’s no big deal!” I said cutting him off. “Rachel was her friend before I came here!”

“You’re sure It’s not making you sad or anything? I mean girls do that right? Make a big deal out of such things?”

I glared at him then replied “Feel bad? I ain’t got no time for that kinda drama, bro!” I said all gangster like. That made him smile. I added “I don’t need all the drama!”

“Okay, then” He said, shrugging.  “Get out.”

“Bye” I said and jumped out of the car. I walked toward the door thinking how sweet he was. He was like the brother I never had.

When I walked it my dad was there. Strange. He never comes back from work until seven. Mom was also there. She usually came back at 5 or 6. Then I noticed an old couple sitting on the couch. They smiled at me. I smiled back. Dad said “ Come here, Megan. This is Mr and Mrs McGregor.”

“Hi” I said, feeling awkward. I hated meeting relatives, especially people I didn’t know existed.

I looked at mom unsure of what to say or do. That’ss when I noticed that she was crying. “Mom, what happened?” I asked suddenly worried.

She just looked at the old couple. So, I looked at them waiting for an answer. “Megan” The old man said in an Irish accent. “We are your grandparents.”

“Grandparents?” I chuckled. “I’ve met them!”

“No, love. We are your REAL grandparents” The lady said, emphasizing on real.

I just looked at dad, confused.

He sighed. “Honey” He looked at me with his deep blue eyes and sain two words that changed my life forever. “You’re adopted”

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