The Coming

My name is Bo, I'm sixteen. When I was little people thought I was crazy because I saw things. Like weird things. My parents put me in a mental home and that's where I met Elias. He's my best friend and I think I love him but I don't want to ruin our friendship. My best friend Avi went through the same thing as me and I met her here too. She has a boyfriend who visits her every day. His name is Pj and he's escaped the government many times. This is our story.


2. We Should Escape

I was sitting in my room something i do mostly every day, well except when i'm with Elias.But i was just sitting there thinking,of what? Oh i don't know of what, i have nothing to think about."Bo?'' Elias called ''Yeah?'' I said curiously. ''I have a plan,you know a plan to escape'' He said with a little bit of excitement.''Really?'' ''Yeah really,here i'll tell you'' he said with a smile.''Alright but first let me go get Avi''. He nodded and i got up to go get Avi,she was reading a book she always reads the same book over and over again.''Hey Avi meet me in my room,Elias has to tell us something'' I said with with a hurry up expression.She put her book down and started following me to my room. 

I hope to God this works, I thought.

Elias was sitting on my bed when we walked in. "Ok, all guards will be in the north wing where Antonio will be creating a distraction. Then when he shouts now, we run." Elias explained. "Personally I think it's EPIC." Avi yelled. I gave her a "shut up you idiot" look. Avi left the room saying she was gonna go to the visitor room area to tell Pj about the plane.I was really nervous i had all kinds of thoughts going through my head.I think Elias knew something was up because he came over to me and hugged me.All of the sudden i felt relieved.''Bo'' Elias said ''Hmm'' I hummed ''you know everything's gonna be alright'' ''but what if it's not Elias,what if..''.He cut me off with a kiss,I was shocked at first but then i kissed him back.I felt sparks all over,we were moving our lips in a perfect sync. It felt absolutely perfect... I guessed he liked me too, probably because he kissed me. 


I woke up around, maybe 8:00. Elias was sitting next to me with his arm around my shoulders. Pj and Avi were sitting on the floor, I guessed waiting for me to wake up. "She's awake! Lets go." Avi demanded and stood up. I got up and washed my face and brushed my teeth and got dressed. Elias was waiting with my book bag and Avi was holding Pj's hand. We got the sign from Antonio. Then we ran. I didn't know where to go, but Pj and Elias did. We ran down a long white hallway until we reached the large doors. Ladies at the desk set off an alarm and we saw the guards running after us. We ran even faster as we got outside, knowing they'd find us. There was a forest and many climbable trees. "That way!" I pointed to one of the largest and easiest ones to climb. Elias and Pj climbed the first top branches. Pj held out his hand for Avi to grab. She grabbed his hand and he pulled her up into the tree. Elias did the same for me


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