The Coming

My name is Bo, I'm sixteen. When I was little people thought I was crazy because I saw things. Like weird things. My parents put me in a mental home and that's where I met Elias. He's my best friend and I think I love him but I don't want to ruin our friendship. My best friend Avi went through the same thing as me and I met her here too. She has a boyfriend who visits her every day. His name is Pj and he's escaped the government many times. This is our story.


3. RUN

We ran and ran and just kept running, we heard the guards shouting at us but we just kept running. After a couple of minutes we didn't hear anymore shouting. We were all out of breath, we walked down a steep hill and ended up at a cabin. 

    It wasn't the nicest or biggest cabin but it'll do. "I guess well be staying here for awhile, till we know what we are doing'' Elias told us ''But what if someone finds us''? i exclaimed! Elias took my hand in his and whispered in my ear ''as long as your with me know one will hurt or touch you'' i felt his breath on my neck and it sent shivers down my back. He looked at me and winked,we walked towards the cabin and Pj and Elias went inside to see if it was safe.Its been several minutes since they've gone in there and Avi and I started to worry.I heard crackling in the leaves and got goosebumps,all of the sudden i felt a large hand on me and we both screamed! ''Its just us, Its just us'' they both said,they started laughing so hard that there eyes were watering.''So is it safe''? i said with no emotion,''yeah its perfectly fine'',we walked in and it was dusty but we needed somewhere to stay.

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