The Coming

My name is Bo, I'm sixteen. When I was little people thought I was crazy because I saw things. Like weird things. My parents put me in a mental home and that's where I met Elias. He's my best friend and I think I love him but I don't want to ruin our friendship. My best friend Avi went through the same thing as me and I met her here too. She has a boyfriend who visits her every day. His name is Pj and he's escaped the government many times. This is our story.


1. Introduction

When I was little, I saw things. Like weird things. Things normal people didn't see. I saw figures, I saw mist, just weird things. My parents saw me as a danger to myself and others so they placed me in a mental home. I met my best friends there. Avi, Pj, and Elias. I love Elias but I don't know if he feels the same about me. I want to date him but I'm afraid it'll ruin our friendship. My friends and I have been planning an escape for a while, and we are going to escape soon. This is our story.

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