The Guy With The Pink Balloons (One Shot)

The 17 year old girl, Hailey Allen, is the most hated girl in town. She went to bed with her best friend's boyfriend, and now everybody hates her. Hailey hates her life, and she really doesn't want to live anymore. One day some girls and boys from her school follow Hailey to the park. They hit Hailey in the face and they leave when someone from the park yells of them. The pink-balloon-seller-guy helps Hailey away from the park.. and after that it starts getting weird.. Hailey receives a lot of pink balloons and some letters, but when she tries to find the guy, she just can't find him anywhere? Where is he? Does she find him? Does Haileys life ever change? (I apologize for the bad grammar - but I hope you read anyway)


2. The Guy With The Pink Balloons

    Hailey Allen.. that’s me. My life is like hell, sometimes I just wish to be another place, and that place is heaven.. I hate living on this planet, in this universe, I feel like everybody hates me. Yes, I went to bed with my best friends boyfriend which was so fucking stupid, I know, I was so drunk and then it just happened.. Now it’s like six months ago, and nobody wants to hang out with me, of course my best friend, Amy, didn’t want to hang out with me anymore after that which I understand, I would have done the same if it was her.. but all of her friends has making hate groups on Facebook ‘Fuck Hailey Allen, such a slut’ ‘Everybody who hates Hailey Allen’ ‘Die Hailey Allen’ – that destroyed my life, I couldn’t believe they could do that to me.. I knew I had done something wrong, and I hated myself for doing it, but making hate groups, it was so pathetic, grow up bitches! There were already over thousands of likes on the hate groups. On the street people stop me and say that I am such an bitch and a whore, and that I just should go kill myself – which I’ve tried some times now, but I just couldn’t do it, I loved my family to much to do that to myself. In school people call me every bad words they know, I just started ignoring it, in the start I always went to the bathroom and cried. I moved school over four times now, but did it helped? No.
    “Hailey wake up it’s Monday, and you have to go to school.” Mom shouted. My family did know what was going on in my life, they all saw it on Facebook, they all tried to talk to me about it, but I just said that I didn’t wanted to talk about it. Which actually was a lie, I did needed someone to tell how I felt, but I just couldn’t talk to my family about it, for some reason I didn’t even knew?
    “Please mom, not today..” I hated showing up outside my house, after all this shit, I was so insecure now and I was afraid of being attacked or something worse?
    “You have to, I can’t let you be home, you have to learn something..” My mom felt very bad for me, she was doing everything to make all the hate on me stop, she was really trying to help me, which I was so happy for, I loved her so much it hurts, if she wasn’t here I didn’t knew what I was going to do.


    In the hallway at school people just stared evil at me, and I was just looking at the floor, I hated looking into people’s eyes now, I just couldn’t look in them.
    A group of girls bumped into me. “Fuck you, Hailey, go take a knife and throw it through your heart, then I would be very happy.” One of them said. I tried to just let the words fly out of my ears again, but it just couldn’t, they were stucked in my head. They smiled evil to me and then they walked down the hallway again.. bitches.
    The hours in school went very slowly, but finally the clock was ringing and I could go home. The day went like all the other days.. Like living in hell.
    Out on the parking place someone shouted things at me, I just ignored it and waited for my mother to come and get me. I didn’t liked to go home by myself.
    The same girl group as earlier came towards me. Oh fuck, they were coming over to me. But this time they got a group of boys with them, and they all had a very evil smile on their faces.
    I didn’t really thought anything I just ran away and I ran really fast. I could hear food steps moving fast behind me. My heart pumped really fast, my head was filled with a lot of thoughts, I got really dizzy with all that thoughts in my head.
    I could hear someone shouting my name behind me, but I just kept running away from them. I ran into the park, I needed some air, I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I looked over my shoulder, I couldn’t see them anymore, so I stopped right beside a bench. I bumped down in the seat, and just took some very deep breathes. I looked around in the park, I saw a lot of playing kids and their parents, then there was a guy there were selling pink balloons, and then there was a hotdog selling guy.
    Suddenly the group of guys was around me. They looked like they were getting ready for fight, and I knew I was going to be the victim.
    “What the hell do you want?” I screamed very angry, I was so angry, I couldn’t really understand what they wanted from me? I didn’t do anything to them.. I knew they just did this for Amy, but this was a case between me and Amy, not them.
    The girls from earlier showed up. “Guess who my good friend is? Oh, you can’t? It’s Amy, and I really love to help my friends, do you know how fucking sad Amy was after all the shit you did, bitch?!” One of them said. Yeah, I did know how Amy felt after it, you didn’t have to tell me. I did say sorry to her all the time I saw her, and I knew she never would forgive me, and I understand that.
    Then I felt the worst pain ever getting through me. Someone had hit me right in my face, I screamed a painful scream, I hoped someone could hear it and then come and save me.. oh yeah, that’s right, everybody hates me, everybody is on Amy’s side in this case, I am alone with only my family behind my back.
    “Hey, what are you doing?!” Someone shouted a place far away from us. I felt really dizzy, my eyes could hardly see anything. I took my hand up to my nose, I felt something there, and I realized it was blood.
    “It’s not the last time you have to go to the hospital.” The girl said and then they all leaved me on the bench. Tears started running down my cheeks. I hated crying in public.
    “Are you OK?” A boy came to me, he sounded worried, and didn’t he know who I was? Almost everybody in England knew who I was, a lot of people out of England did knew who I was, too. But this guy was one who didn’t knew who I was.
    “Not really..” I said, and tried to stop the tears. My eyes started to see normally now, and I saw that it was the pink-balloon-seller-guy who came to me.
    “I think I have a tissue in my pocket.” He looked in his pockets, and after some time he finally found a tissue. The blood from my nose started to drip down on my jeans.
    “Thank you,” I said friendly and smiled a little to him, I took the tissue to my nose and tried to stop the blood.
    “You want me to follow you home?” He asked and smiled back to me. It was the first time in six months I saw a stranger smiling to me.
    “Aren’t you on work?” I asked and he just smiled. I tried to get some blood away from my jeans, but it was already stiff.
    “Well, I can follow you home, then go back on work, I don’t think you should walk alone with that horrible guys around in town.” He was right, I shouldn’t walk alone with them around in town, they are very dangerous, and I was really afraid of them.
    I could just smile. I couldn’t believe that a stranger actually were saying that to me, after those six months every stranger was just looking evil at me, but it was different with the pink-balloon-seller-guy, he didn’t knew who I was.. and I was pretty happy about that, if he knew all the shit I’ve done, he would hate me like every other stranger here in England.
    On the way home we actually talked and laughed a lot, which again was very new for me after six months. He was such a nice guy.
    “Thanks for following me home,” I said to him when we stood in front of my door. He was looking at the house and around in the front yard.
    “Nice house.” He said and smiled friendly to me, I just smiled back. “I have to go back to my work, it was nice to meet you.” Then he started walking away.
    I just stood and looked at him until I couldn’t see him anymore. I realized that I didn’t even got his name.. Well, maybe I’ll never see him again, so who cares?
    I opened the door to my house. “Hi mom!” I shouted. I hurried up the stairs to my room, I had to change jeans now, before my mom saw the blood on them.
    Mom came into my room, I did change my jeans before she came. “Hi..” She looked worried. Oh yeah, that’s right, she should had picked me up after school, and now she wants know what I did instead of waiting for her.
    “I walked home.. And then I stopped and bought some ice cream, and the man who sold me the ice cream were very slowly making the ice cream.” I tried to convince her, but she still looked worried.
    “Are you sure about that, Hailey?” She asked. I nodded, and she just turned around and walked down the stairs.


    The next day I said to my mother that my stomach hurt, and she said to me that I could stay home.. I hate lying to her, but seriously, who wants to go to school if they were beaten by some people from the school? Not me.
    “Hailey, come downstairs now.” Mom shouted. Oh no, what have I done now? I got out of bed and got my tired body downstairs to my mom.
    “What?” I asked and yawned. She opened the door to outside, and on the doorstep there was a pink balloon and a letter, on the letter there were standing ‘Hailey’. I looked on my mom totally confused, she looked confused, too. When I saw the pink balloons I thought about the guy from yesterday, and that made me smile a little.
    I took the balloon and the letter inside the house, my mom had some really big eyes and a big smile on her face. I opened the letter and took the paper out and opened it.
    ‘Hi Hailey.. or Dear Hailey, as you write in a letter, I like to just write hi instead of dear. You may think how I know your name, well it was standing on your mailbox. I think you need some pink balloons, just so you can get a little happier? Seriously.. who doesn’t gets happy for some pink balloons. I hope I am going to see you again one day. And by the way, my name is Jeremy. x’
    I couldn’t stop smiling. No one has ever given me a letter like this and never pink balloons, too. I really need to find him and say thanks for this, he deserves that.
    That day I’ve tried to go to the park to look after the pink-balloon-seller-guy named, Jeremy. But he wasn’t there, I tried some other public places were a lot of kids was, but he wasn’t there. I tried for hours, but gave up and walked home.
    The next day I received a new pink balloon and a letter. Where was that guy, I needed to talk to him, I needed to say thanks.
    ‘Hi Hailey. Well, I think you need a balloon everyday, I think you should come in a better mood.. I mean, I read about you on the internet, and I think they went to far, you did it by an accident as you says, and I believe you! I am behind your back, you don’t need people like them.  Jeremy x’
    It meant a lot to me that he said he was behind my back and not theirs. But I wasn’t happy about that he read about it on the internet, I know a journalist interviewed me and lay it on the internet, but I didn’t liked that he was reading about it.
    The next three days I received the pink balloon and the letter as the other days. I really liked all this, but now I really needed to find him and say thanks.
    I went to the park to look after him again, but he wasn’t there, I tried the public places, but he wasn’t there either.. I bumped down on a bench, why isn’t he here?
    A girl came towards me, I knew that girl, the girl with the shoulder long brown hair and the green eyes. It was Amy. My old best friend.
    “Hi Hailey,” she said and sat down on the bench beside me. “How are you?”
    I looked confused and she started smiling a bit evil, I knew she wasn’t here to hear how I was, she was here to say something stupid to me.
    “Just go, Amy, I know you are here to be a bitch against me, so just go away, please.” I looked angry at her, she looked angry at me, too.
    “My heart was totally broken when I heard you did this to me.. do you know that, Hailey?!” She almost screamed at me, I just nodded, I didn’t wanted to talk to her right now.
    “Fuck you, Hailey, you are such a whore and a bitch, I can’t believe I was your best friend, I wasted my time on you. I hate you, so much!” She yelled right in to my face, then she walked away and over to her friends.
    I could feel my eyes getting wet. I stood up and started to walk away, I didn’t want to sit and look at Amy and her friends laughing at me.
    I went to the park again then I just sat down on the grass and started to cry, I hated the world, I hated everybody.. I just want to die!
    “Stop crying Hailey, I don’t like to see that. Take a pink balloon it will help on the mood.” I heard that voice I’ve been looking for, the guy, the pink-balloon-seller-guy. Jeremy.
    He sat down beside me and with him he got over ten pink balloons, he gave me all of them. I started to smile a lot, he smiled too. Then he leaned forward and put his lips against mine. The warm spread around in my body.
    “Let me help you with the losers who are so evil against you, let me change how you feel about the world right now.” He whispered in my ear. He kissed me again.
    “Would you do that for me?” I asked and smiled. Then he kissed me again and smiled big. He took me in to a hug.
    “Yes! Let me change your life.” He whispered.

    I knew now I was in love with the pink-balloon-seller-guy, Jeremy. Him and me, forever. Him and me against the fucking world!

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