Newly fully-fledged warrior Sky has passed her last test in the Training Grounds and can set off on her journey to find the the legendary cursed blade Crucifix with childhood and best friend Blane Nobel. As Sky travels around the world and meets so many people while looking for Crucifix, her journey becomes much more personal and complex than she ever would have imagined.


1. Prelude


Chosen by a sword, a person becomes a warrior. Chosen by history, that same person can become a legend.

Countless legends have surrounded a cursed blade named Crucifix. The blade was bathed in blood of thousands during a war in a dark era. Some have called it the ultimate weapon because of the power it has. The stories around Crucifix have tempted warriors from all over the world. There are those who wield swords to keep Crucifix sealed away and these clashes haven't recorded into history as no-one ever knew.

Throughout the centuries, humans have seeked adventure. The qualities of curious minds, greed and quests have pushed humanity forward. This era saw many clashes of swords and it was a time where any desire could become a reality given that the person had a strong enough will.

The story that is about to be told is of one such warrior. This is my tale of swords.

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