Newly fully-fledged warrior Sky has passed her last test in the Training Grounds and can set off on her journey to find the the legendary cursed blade Crucifix with childhood and best friend Blane Nobel. As Sky travels around the world and meets so many people while looking for Crucifix, her journey becomes much more personal and complex than she ever would have imagined.


7. Author's Note

Very important! Skylight is now a published book on so it's available to buy on there for everyone who wants to read all of it so that means I had to get rid of most of the chapters on here but because this site has been such a massive help to me this year when it comes to support, I decided to leave more chapters up on this site than on any other site.

If anyone wants to support me further then buy a copy on It is on Amazon, Waterstones, Feedaread and Barnes and Noble. There are other sites but I can't name them all as I don't know them off by heart. Just type in Skylight by Xenia and it should come up in a search engine. 

I would really appreciate the support from everyone on here because you guys have been so amazing with reading it in the first place and giving me more of a confidence to actually go into self-publishing in the first place. 


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