Smile in your Sleep

A poem about homelessness


1. Smile in Your Sleep

The city sleeps

as rats run by

fighting for crumbs

(a lot like us)

and I start to wonder

but I no longer ask why.


It’s impossible to think

(or to accept)

with billions spent on wars

and tours

of the nicer sides of towns.


There’s plenty of food;

for those that can afford it

There’s plenty of houses;

even as more are emptied each day

There are plenty of clothes

hanging neatly in closets

of those who forget about us.

(or pretend we don’t exist)


My pockets are empty

but my spirits are high

I may not have a job

(or an address)

But I’ve got skills

and an iron will.


The strength it would take

to makes these things right

is less than that it takes

to fall asleep with a smile

on my face each night.

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