Breaking and Entering

" My name is Julian... I'm a 15.2hh bay warmblood gelding... I was taken from Devonport riding and livery yard on the 02/06/12... Please help me!"

The most important thing in Primroses life gets stolen during the night. And in the morning her life changes forever. Everyone tries their best to help her but Prim knows with out Julian she can't be saved. And she finds herself slipping into depression when he never comes home.
But when her mystery dream horse comes to help. He manages to save her heart until its true owner comes to claim it.


1. Vanish

I woke up knowing something was wrong. My mind was distracted and I felt ill, like my stomach was filled with my bricks. I couldn't put my mind it, there was nothing bad I knew about happening today. I turned on to my side and looked around the small room I had to myself. Everything seemed to be there, my teddies, books, money box and riding prizes.

      "Julian" I shouted aloud and I shot up from my bed. I had a sudden urge to be with him to make sure he was safe and well. Thinking about him reminded me of a dream I had just dreamt.

        It had been about a wild horse. He looked very dangerous and would scare the life out of you If you seen him roaming free but to me he was kind and loving. He had looked me in the eye and told me his whole story. And I knew he had come to help me. He was my guardian angel. And the reason he had come to help me reminded me of my worry about Julian. 

       Julian was the most important thing in my life and he was also the last thing  Gramps had ever bought me. When I was three years old Gramps had taken me for my first ever riding lesson and I was hooked. My parents weren't entirely happy about my passion for the sport mainly because of the danger and expense. But Gramps loved watching me and was always encouraging. Every birthday and Christmas I would find some sort of horsey present waiting for me from Gramps and Nana Cath. And if I got a award at school even for the littlest of things he would book me a pony day or hack for a special treat. We where both the happiest around horses. 

   By the time I was ten I had a loan pony and I was riding like a senior instead of a junior. I put everything into my riding and it paid of. For pony club I was always training with the older member’s which was great but annoying because they treated me like a baby. I don't want to boast but I was a very good rider, I wasn't afraid of anything when I was on a horse so maybe that's why. I jumped at the chance to compete at any competition, any discipline, jumping, dressage, gymkhanas but I always loved the look of eventing. But my parents wouldn't let me do much of the training because of the danger, well they promised I could when I was older. 

     And true to their word shortly after I was ten I did start training, because of my Gramps. One day he said he was taking me to the zoo but instead drove to a livery yard. I was quite confused at first because If it was a riding treat he would have done it at Devonport but he was buying me a horse of my very own.

    The owner of the yard brought out two for me too take a look at. At it was love at first sight on the first one. His name was Julian and he was a 15.2 hh bay Warmblood gelding he was completely bomb proof and for a 6 yr old he was amazing. My Gramps was a bit concerned seeing as he was a bit tall, but I knew If I got a horse who was a little big for me now I could have more time with him in the future. And that was it, a week later he was at Devonport with me and it was a fairy tail ending.

    I hurried down the stairs into the kitchen after quickly getting ready. My whole family where in their causing a drama like normal. My father was trying to get my brother Chase to finish his breakfast and my mother was cooking boiled egg and toast for the twins, but It didn't look as if it was going well. My mother was seven and a half months pregnant and lately her patience had been running thin. It still puzzled me why my parents had chose to have more kids after me, after all they had waited until I was seven to have Chase so they must have been happy enough with just me before. 

    As I entered the kitchen it fell silent, the whining children and groaning parents turned their full attention to me. Making me panic even more. " morning " I called, feeling very uneasy. My mum shot my dad a sharp look and then turned her attention back to me. " Morning Angel" she smiled but I could see through it and could tell she was worried " am, well, Louise rang asking about where Julian was. She seemed concerned..." She went to continue but I butted in " when was that? " " About 10 minutes ago" o god, o god, o god" I groaned and I legged it to the phone without waiting for what else she was going to say. My body was trembling and the phone fell out of my hands twice while I was dialling the number for the yard. I could feel the tears bubbling up inside me. " Hello Devonport riding and livery yard, how may I help you?" I didn't recognise the voice on the other end, but I suppose that didn't really matter. " Can I speak to Louise please? " " I'm sorry, she's teaching at the moment, is there something I can help you with?" I knew the voice was lying. " It's really urgent, about my horse Julian" there was nothing, and for a second and I thought the voice had put the phone down. " O, I'm so sorry Prim, I'll go get her now" " Thanks " I mumbled, but I had to grip on to the table to steady myself. I knew when Louise answered the phone she would tell me that Julian was gone, stolen or missing either way he wasn't where he should be. " Prim, Prim, are you there?" Louise was calling down the phone. I took a gulp of air before I answered " Yeah, sorry, Louise where is Julian? " " I was hoping you could tell me " annoyingly she answered my question with another. " I don't know, I put him in his field last night and well I know I did, I did" I paused " Louise, Julian's gone isn't he? My voice was weak and tears trickled down my face " Yes he his, but do put worry the Police are on there way, he's probably just escaped. Come to the yard straight away" " Ok " I whispered and put down the phone. I turned around to get ready to leave but my whole family where standing starring at me. " why didn't you tell me, of course you knew he was missing" I hissed falling to the ground. " Prim you didn't let your mother finish before in the kitchen " my father said, looking for any signs of if I had gone into shock. " you should have woke me the minute you found out" I screamed, I was shaking. " its only three words, Prim Julian's missing. Even Posie could have said it" My little sister smiled, happy I had choose her instead of Chase or Beth. But I wasn't smiling one bit. " I can't believe you, I need to find him" and I walked out of the house slamming the door behind me. I would have to go without breakfast today.

   I didn't usually cycle to the yard, but I couldn't stand to be any where near my parents today. Plus I could pull myself together the best I could on the way. The thing that kept puzzling me was how i knew something was wrong with Julian, I couldn't understand it at all. Devonport livery and riding yard was a five minute drive or in today's case a fifteen minute cycle from my house. The yard itself looked over one of Devon’s finest beaches. Making the warm months full of rides on the beach when I wasn't competing. It was the best feeling in the world being at Devonport but of course today would be completely different.

  I pulled up to the see the whole yard staff out on the court yard, from what I could see all the Saturday morning lessons had been cancelled. At the side was Louise, having a serious looking conversation with a police officer. I took a deep breath before opening the gate that led to where Louise was standing. 

    " Ahh, PC Smyth, this is Miss Primrose Walker, Julian's owner." Louise said, wrapping her arm around my waist. We where very close, she may have been my riding instructor but if I had any problem I could talk to her about it. " Good Morning Miss Walker. Very nice to meet you, although I'm awfully sorry about the circumstances it is under" he reached out to shake my hand. " It is nice to meet you also, Officer" my mother had often drilled it into me how to talk to someone of high rank and today it had paid off. " Is there anywhere private we can go?" He asked Louise.

   Although he seemed to be very nice, i wanted to slap him in the face, but i knew that would only get me arrested, didn't he realise the most important thing i my life had gone!

   "Of course, please follow me" And Louise led us through to the club room. I didn't know how she kept so calm. 

   " Are your parents around Primrose?" He asked sitting down and opening his notebook. I sat down also " No officer, they wouldn't be much help any way." i could tell I had took him by surprise, and i was telling the truth after all. " Ok then" and he continued to ask me questions like, when had i last seen him, had anyone be in the field after me, and of course a description. The last question was very hard seeing as the man had no clue about horses. " Well, he's a 15.2 hh bay warmblood." 

" Here" Louise said, helpfully butting in, she set 3 copies of pictures down on the table. All three were of me and Julian competing. One was of me and Julian during a lap of honour, the second was of us clearing a water jump and the third was of us standing beside our sponsor- Polo Clothing after a competition. 

  Me and Julian were sponsored by Polo Clothing, one of the best brands in the country for both horse and rider. It had been over a year since they had first seen us ride together. When I had first seen the advertisement, they had said they wanted a rider close to their headquarters and seeing as I lived in the same county I thought I'd give it ago, for the experience. They came to see me at a few rallies and the horse of the year show. After we won our two classes there, they asked to become our sponsor. They didn't ask me to change Julian’s name or anything. Just to write a monthly blog on there website and to wear there clothing both at the yard and at competitions. Which was fine by me, and Julian loved all his new accessories. 

    " Now is there any chance the horse could have escaped?" the Officer asked snapping me back to reality. i wasn't sure how to answer this one. The fencing in the fields were checked every week so that would mean a no, but then life was throwing some pretty mean stuff at me lately so anything was possible. " Our fields our very secure so I think that’s very unlikely" Louise said, saving me, still keeping calm through out. 

   " So Primrose, who owns the horse?" " Well my Grandfather bought him for me, but he passed away. So I suppose I am his owner, my parents just pay the bills" 

    He let out a small chuckle, but obviously realised it wasn't the right place or time and gave me an apologetic look. 

    The man told us that he would put it over the radio station and send the pictures to the station. He tried to assure me he would find him but it didn't convince me.

    I thanked him and Louise left to show him out. I knew what Officer Smyth was going to do wouldn't help and I would have to find Julian myself, however hard it would be. I walked over to the open window. " Where are you Julian?" I whispered. And I headed out to the yard.

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