Breaking and Entering

" My name is Julian... I'm a 15.2hh bay warmblood gelding... I was taken from Devonport riding and livery yard on the 02/06/12... Please help me!"

The most important thing in Primroses life gets stolen during the night. And in the morning her life changes forever. Everyone tries their best to help her but Prim knows with out Julian she can't be saved. And she finds herself slipping into depression when he never comes home.
But when her mystery dream horse comes to help. He manages to save her heart until its true owner comes to claim it.


3. Surprises

I had always hated the smell of hospitals, ever since I had broke my arm when I was 6. It reminded me of pain and sadness, a feeling I had to much lately. I desperately wanted to leg it down the stairs and out to the car park. But I didn't, because my mum wanted me there. Although coming to baby scans was something I hated. But to be fair to baby scans I hated most things at the moment. 

   " Susan Walker" a nurse called, looking very over friendly. My mother stood up and I followed her into a consultant room at the end of the corridor.  " My, my Primrose Walker" the nurse beamed " haven't you grown up to be beautiful. I remember the day you where born" I smiled, well the closest I could, I had to be polite. I didn't believe the nurse at all. Sure before Julian went missing I may have been pretty, I had a reason the get up in the morning. I had dark frizzy hair and deep blue eyes and a smile. But now I kept my hair tied back in a pony tail and my eyes where sad with big bags under them. 

   I took a seat beside the bed my mother was lying on. It looked very uncomfortable, I had all that to come - great. I gazed down at my shoes so the nurse wasn't tempted to ask me anymore questions. The women talked about baby things and I completely zoned out. I still couldn't believe that in just over 2 weeks I would be a big sister again. I felt sorry for the baby because it was supposed to be a happy time, well everyone else was happy if they weren't around me. I hoped the baby would be another Posie, she was my favourite person in the whole world, well after Gramps. Just like him she never hurt me and was a person I loved always. But the likely hood of getting another little Posie was slim.

   My mobile started to ring in my pocket, waking me up from my daydreaming session. " Sorry" and I walked to the side of the room to answer it. " Hello" I whispered not wanting to disturb my mum any more than I had to.  " Prim have I got you into trouble? " it was Louise, which was strange because according to her I had school. " No why?" It hadn't clicked in my mind " it's 11 O'clock on a Monday morning and your whispering." " O, that's because I'm at a baby scan with mum" for a second I thought something bad had happened " Ok, sorry. Well Farmer McGrey rang to say there was some crops missing from his carrot field" I gasped, Julian loved carrots more that anything else in the world, " he said there was some hoof prints and black horse hair there too" I could feel the tears bumbling inside me " o my god" " would you like me to send some people to have a look? " " No thanks I'll be there as soon as possible" 

   I put my hand out to steady myself, no one every rode in farmer McGrey's fields, he would happily shoot you with his shot gun. 

   " Everything ok Angel? " my mother asked, reminding me where I was. And I told her everything, although it was a bit awkward seeing as then nurse was there to. 

    But the horse wasn't Julian, anything but Julian. 

    Farmer McGrey gave me permission to ride through his fields, but told me strongly he wanted the animal out. And sure enough there was a trail of hoof prints, leading out of the crop fields into the forest. The horse had obviously jumped out as there were no holes in the fence. So I lined Bobby up and we cleared it with ease. Which gave me a confidence boost for our competition at the weekend. The hoof prints led us on a long and windy course but  Bobby was a complete angel and walked very slowly while I took everything in. 

      After about 10 minutes the hoof prints stopped. There was nothing left to help me take the next direction. Again, like the first day i went looking for him i felt deflated. Lets go Bobby, but then I heard a snort. Although I jumped, Bobby did the turning around part for me. There in front of me stood a wild horse. He was black and muscular and looked very powerful. He stood perfectly still while he took me in, just like I was. 

     Bobby, being Bobby started to pull for his head, to greet our guest, but a flick of my heel told him to cut it out so he took to whining instead. I looked down at my saddle, attached to it was a head collar and lead rope. I could take the hose back to the yard. " O, don't be so stupid Prim, he's a wild horse, perfectly fine on his own" I said to my self and I turned Bobby for home with a strange feeling of Deja Vu. Then I gasped. 

     The horse was from the dream I had dreamt the night Julian went missing. I turned around to find he was following us. He caught me staring and walked forward to nuzzle my hand. " Hello Handsome" I said in a shaky voice " Are you here to help me find Julian?" He looked me in the eye and I knew what the answer was. 

    He followed me the whole way home, I was quite surprised that Bobby was letting him stand so close, but they seemed to get on like a house on fire. But when I got back to the yard, and he was still there, I didn't know what to do. I knew Louise wouldn't be very happy if I just brought him on to the yard and if I left him here while I put Bobby in he would try to follow me. 

    " Louise can you come here please" I called, she was in one of the other fields. " Did you find any more clues" then she gasped, she seen the horse standing beside me " Primrose why is there a wild horse standing beside you? " " Well, I followed the clues to see if I could find Julian and he was there instead" I made the next part up " and seeing as Farmer Mcgrey told me he wanted the animal out I enticed him out with some polo’s then he followed me home" well only part was untrue. 

    " Primrose do you know how dangerous that horse is" she went on a little rant but it didn't help that he was resting his head on my shoulder, i had to fight hard to keep in the giggles. " Louise he's properly looking for food, he'll get fed up sooner or later" she gave me one of those looks that could kill " I don't want him any where near the yard and its your risk, ok!" " Yes, thanks Louise" " You owe me Prim, now do you want me to take Bobby's tack back to the yard, while you sort the horse out?" Louise could never stay mad at me for long. " Thanks" and I quickly untacked him in his field. 

     Once she was gone I could finally let out my giggles. " Now what am i going to do with you" I swear he was laughing" Now please stay here for two minutes and I'll go get you some food" I could see it was killing him to stay still, but Bobby came to the rescue and started to chase him.  

   I ran quickly to the yard, going to the feed room and grabbing one of Bobby's haynet's then on the way back grabbing my grooming box from outside Bobs stable. " Thank god your still here" Once the horse heard my voice he ran straight over to me. " Now while you eat this, I'm going to give you a quick brush to make you look even more handsome!" I have to admit, I was pretty freaked out the whole time I was with him, after all he could have went mental at any second. Once he had finished his haynet he went back to the forest, but I wasn't sad, I knew he would come back. 

    I was back to school like normal the next day and even though it was only break time, the day had went horrible already. The only thing that stopped me from walking out the gates was the thought of Hobie (that’s what I had decided to call him). And now sitting around a round table in the hall, I was daydreaming about him. At school there was a person you could talk to if you felt how I did. And twice I had nearly plucked up the courage to go and talk to them. But every time I stopped myself, because I was scared they would think I was stupid or something. Pretty silly of me I know.

   " So Prim, what are you doing for activities day?" my friend Lauren asked. Activity days where on the week of term, where you got to go on trips and do fun stuff like that really. " Well Devonport is an option again, so I'm going there for all three days" I replied, in fact I had been the first one to put my name down. Thankfully I wouldn't have to do the beginner stuff everyone else would be doing. I would be able to train Bobby for our competitions in the summer. Although it would be a bit awkward with teachers there!

    " Don't you want to do something fun, ever since Julian went missing you never come out any more, you just go to the stables" Lauren said, going into ' I can help you' mood. Ever since Julian went missing they had been really supportive, but now I was getting fed up of it. I wanted to stay in my own little bubble so I wouldn't get hurt. Although I did miss them like mad. Lauren was the type of person who always looked on the bright side and recently I wanted to find a way to tell her my life didn't have a bright side at the moment. 

     " Well I'm going to Devonport for a day!" my best friend Molly said, she understood how I felt the most out of all my friends. " Me to" said Lucy. Now it was just Lauren. " Well I might as well come then" she sighed. And they started to ask me every question possible. I should have been happy but I was the complete opposite. When I was at the stables I was a different person and I didn't want them to see that.

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