Breaking and Entering

" My name is Julian... I'm a 15.2hh bay warmblood gelding... I was taken from Devonport riding and livery yard on the 02/06/12... Please help me!"

The most important thing in Primroses life gets stolen during the night. And in the morning her life changes forever. Everyone tries their best to help her but Prim knows with out Julian she can't be saved. And she finds herself slipping into depression when he never comes home.
But when her mystery dream horse comes to help. He manages to save her heart until its true owner comes to claim it.


2. Faster

I was sitting on a 14.2 hh gypsy cob. His name was Bobby and he was a skewbald- my favourite colour of horse. Before Gramps had bought me Julian, Bobby had been my loan pony for a year. And giving him up had been really hard, seeing as we had achieved so much together. But of course the fact I was getting my own horse helped quite a lot. 3yrs later, Bobby had gotten a new loaner and was still an amazing little pony. But thankfully Bobby's loaner had changed to a new mount a few weeks ago so Bobby was free for me. 

    " Ride up to the meadow, then come back on the experienced trail" Louise said while checking my girth yet again, her calm mood was going fast. " Don't worry if you don't find him, I know we'll never give up." " Thank you Louise" and I turned Bobby to the way out. " And Prim, your parents are on their way" she called. But I didn't take any notice. I wouldn't be forgiving them any time soon. Maybe I would turn from the A* student to the teenager from hell. Thinking about it gave me more pleasure than it should have.

   The ride to the meadow was always peaceful and the only exception today being my mind was full of thoughts of what could be happening to my baby. I rose in my stirrups, keeping Bobs to a steady walk so I could scan the fields. I had never searched for a missing horse before so I was just looking for anything different. 

    It was silent apart from Bobby's hooves clopping on the ground. It felt good not having to put on a brave face and I could let a few tears escape in private. I pushed him into a trot the whole way to the meadow before asking for a canter. I took up my cross country position and looked for any horse-shoes imprinted on the soft grass. But seeing it was Devon and summer it hadn't rained in weeks. We kept up the steady canter for a good 5 minutes, but the gate showing the end of the meadow was approaching and my body began to tremble. This would be my last chance to find him today and i knew wherever he was he would be terrified. So I kicked Bobby into a gallop and steered him to the left, which led to another bridal path. Sure Louise hadn't told me to ride up there, but there was a chance Julian could be waiting for me and it was a chance I would take.

   I didn't ask Bobby to slow down until we where practically at the top. But when we did stop, my horse wasn't there. He wasn't grazing waiting to be found. And I felt deflated, although it was stupid really, I was kidding my self that I would find him today. "Lets go Bobby" and I walked him home, not caring how long I took. 

   " We where so worried Prim" My mother ran up to me and squeezed me so tight I could barley breath " Don't ever do that again" My mother was a liar. When I had got back to the yard I was greeted by the sight of all my family laughing together, stroking the Shetlands. My mother hadn't even noticed that now I was standing without a horse. It had been 30 minutes since I had come back. 

" Sorry, I didn't want to miss a thing" I lied, I didn't really want to be having a hug with her, but I let her any way, that was until the baby in her stomach kicked. And I instantly pulled away, and walked to our parked car. 

  " Your not very good at hide and seek are you?" my little brother sneered. I didn't say anything. " What, has the cat got your tongue?"  Beth said, she loved to look brave in front of her brother. 

  " Beth, do you know you are the most big mouthed child I know " the anger was pulsing in me " And for you Chase, if you where kidnapped we would find it pretty hard to find you" " Well if I was kidnapped, you would try harder to find me" Now he had got me really angry " Chase if you where kidnaped id be the happiest person on earth" I screamed and let all the tears id been holding in come out. My parents turned around to face me, but no one said anything and if they had of I wouldn't have cared.

   The next day I arrived at the yard at 9am. I had to walk seeing as my bike was still at the yard, but it was a million times better that having to sit in a car with my Mum or Dad. 

   " Right everyone, stick to your groups and be back at the yard for 12 at the latest" Louise boomed across the yard, her loud voice sent a shiver down her spine. Everyone was giving me apologetic looks and then I realised what was going on. Louise had pulled together a search party, it felt really nice to no I wasn't fighting this alone. 

  " How are you today Prim?" she asked after fixing someone’s stirrups. " Not very good. Thank you so much for the search party though, it means a lot " I did my best to smile. " Its the least I could do. You know Prim, you don’t always have to put on a brave face. What your going through is pretty bad." " But I do, because if I don’t I'll give up hope" She just nodded, " I've got Bobby ready for you" " Thanks " And I headed into the stable block. But I couldn't help looking into Julian’s stable, it was spotless like always. I didn't find mucking out a chore, if Julian was happy then so was I. The horrible feeling I  had in my stomach since yesterday was coming on stronger. It was horrible, at first I thought it was all my emotions so I had a good cry before bed but it was still here. But deep down I knew my pain relief was Julian and I had to face the fact that I may never get it. And that scared me.

   I took Bobby through all the 1/2 hour bridal paths, looking for the slightest thing that could show he had been in the area. But still I found nothing.

   Days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into a month. Every local town was covered in missing posters. And I had spent a whole day with my friends calling every charity that could know something about him and most of the vets around the area to. Even the newspaper had put it on the front page. And Polo Clothing had offered a £1000 reward for the person who found him or the person who bought out information that could lead to finding him. But still nothing came out. And I could feel myself slowly slipping into depression, a feeling I hated. 

   I stared into the computer screen. My best friend Molly suggested I make a Facebook page to put pictures and any information about him on. And people all over the place could hear about him and possibly find him, although that was wishful thinking. I thought carefully about what to type into the 'About me' box, I needed to make it as cute as possible. " Here goes" I muttered and began to type. ' My name is Julian, I am a 15.2 hh bay Warmblood gelding. I was taken from Devonport riding and livery yard on the 02/06/12. Please look for me wherever you go, I could be anywhere and I want to go home. Please help! ' I clicked saved and sent a link to Molly. I knew in a minute my inbox would be flooded with 'that’s amazing' 'put as many pictures on as possible' Molly was very supportive. So I shut the computer down so I wouldn't be distracted while doing my homework. Although there was really no point in doing it because school was bad at the moment and every break time I had a detention. I wasn't naughty or distractive, I just couldn't concentrate any more. It was only my History teacher who didn't shout at me, because he was a huge animal lover too. 

  There was a knock at the door, and my mum walked in. " Hi" she said, speaking very softly, it was weird. " Hi" I replied, pretending to sort out my school bag. Mum rarely came into my room and when she did it was always awkward. " Are you ok?" I turned around to answer because if I didn't she would have a rant. But here eyes where tired and I wasn't sure if it was over worry about me or the fact she was going to have a baby in two weeks. I went for the second option. " I suppose" " I don't believe you " she said while looking at all me and Julian’s prizes. " And whys that?" I sighed, I hated talking about my feelings. " because you no longer smile or laugh. If you aren't at the stables you lock yourself in your room pretending to study. I know school isn't great at the moment and I’m not surprised after the month you've had. I didn't know what to say to that. I sat on my bed, while trying to think of an answer. And in the end all I could come up with was " Fair point", this made her chuckle. She looked into my eyes." What going on in your mind prim?" I wasn't going to tell my mum what I was really feeling. Over the last month I had realised how I wasn't close at all to my parents. In my mind I had come to the conclusion that I hadn't been planned. Because the others where close together in age and I stuck out like a sore thumb. But deep down under all my hatred I knew they loved me. I just needed to except it. 

   " I wish I knew" which was sort of the truth. She just nodded. " I've got my last scan before the birth tomorrow". Now it was my turn to nod. " I was wondering if you wanted to come?" this took me by surprise. " But tomorrow is Monday and I have school" " Prim its two weeks before the summer holidays, one day won't hurt" she was right about that. " Yes please "Although I didn't smile I still felt a little happy inside. She kissed me head and walked out. And for a split second I thought about shouting for her to come back. To tell her I felt like I was drowning and that I knew I was losing myself. But I stopped myself, she didn't need that worry on her conscious. 

  I lay down on my bed. And thought things through. School was ending in two weeks, the new baby was coming and I had cross country competitions up. Polo clothing had agreed to let me use Bobby as my mount for, well until Julian was found. I didn't really want to but I owed Julian and Gramps that much. Life was going on like normal but I was a million miles behind. 


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