The adventurous adventures of Jake and Finn (adventure time)

When princess Bubble Gum is kidnapped by a mysterious black fog Jake the dog and Finn the Human need to save her before its to late!
The story will be flipped between Finn and Jake and Fiona and cake.


1. Video games and the black fog

Finns p.ov

"Ahhh dude you always beat me!" i yelled as me and my best bud Jake are playing video games on Bmo our gaming device.

"Losers gonna lose and potatoes go potate!" Jake laughed

"ugh im gonna get a soda do ya want one?" i asked Jake as i got up from the sofa.

"nah dude im alright thanks anyway" Jake said as he continued to play the video game.

"suit your self" i shrugged walking over to the fridge and grabbing a soda.

"Jake whats that black fog over there?" i asked

"huh what fog?" Jake questioned walking over to the window which i was looking out of.

"ahh i dunno man that looks kinda evilll" Jake laughed wiggling his arms.

"lets go check it out!" i yelled running out the door grabbing my sword.

"woahhh! look out!" i yell at Jake as the fog approached him which Jake easily dodged.

"Why hellooooo Finnn thhheee hummannn anddd Jakee thheee doggg" the fog whispered

"what how'd you know our names evil magical talking fog?!" I yelled and swatted my sword at it

"hahaha youuu canttt killl meeee!!" it laughed evilly

"oh yeah what us!" Jake yelled bringing out his sword.

"i besttt beee offf nowww boysss yourrrr friennnddd Bubbblleeee Gummmm isss exxppeecttinnggg meee ahahahahah!" he laughed evilly and with a blink if the eye vanished.

"woah that was weird?!" Jake stated

"yeah but the Princess is in danger we have to save her!!" i yelled running towards the candy kingdom.


Fiona's p.o.v

We ran towards the candy kingdom to warn Prince Bubble Gum but the Mist had beaten us then shortly vanished

"the prince!!" i shouted running through the gardens that led to the castle. 

I burst through the castle doors and ran round frantically looking for the prince who was no where to be seen.

"uh oh baby cheeks the mist got him!" Cake explained

"well we need to save him before its too late!" i yelled running outside and into the darkness that was now the night.


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