The adventurous adventures of Jake and Finn (adventure time)

When princess Bubble Gum is kidnapped by a mysterious black fog Jake the dog and Finn the Human need to save her before its to late!
The story will be flipped between Finn and Jake and Fiona and cake.


4. The switch

Finn`s p.o.v

"Jake come here" I said 

"yes Finn" said Jake quite posh 

"I need to talk to" I cried 

" what do you need" said Jake so Jake walked over to the tree.

"You need to ..." mumbled Finn 

"I need to what" said Jake 

"you need to switch with Cake you know the story  ice king told us that is the only way for me to get out"sadly said Finn

"o.o...kay." said Jake 

Cake`s p.o.v

"I can`t believe I have to switch with a dog i don`t even know" I said walking up and down 

" Cake i`m so sorry it`s not my fault ,that is the only way to get me out of this strange place which would you prefer me staying in here forever, or you going with Finn he is exactly like me but a boy" said Fiona trying too break free 

"errrrrrm..." I murmurer " I gu...ess, going with Finn" I said 

"meet Jake by candy kingdom `s garden" cried Fiona so cake started to walk slowly to candy kingdom ,I was waiting there for an hour then Jake arrived 

"hi i`m Jake and you must be Cake" said Jake.

"I guess this time to go then" I said

"yep guess it is by the way Finn is so cool bye then" said Jake, Jake started to walk when I called

"OH YEAH SO IS FIONA!!!!!!!!" shouted Cake ,so they started to run to pine wood forest.They went thew this false field when the black fog appeared from no where and the white mist came from the ground then they both said at the same time get away from me so they both took there sword out of there back and started to poke it and stab it and then Cake and Jake ran to the,  Forrest and then Finn got threw out of the dimensional tree      


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